Haukeland University Hospital is located in the Årstad district of Bergen, a short drive south of the city center. The area is often referred to as “The Haukeland area” (Haukelandsområdet), and this area is named after Haukeland Manor, which was earlier located where the hospital now stands.


Contact information

How to get to the hospital

​There are several ways of getting to Haukeland University Hospital by public transport. Here follows a brief summary.

​​​​​​​The term Pasientreiser (patient travel) is used to describe travel to and from authorised treatments. The hospital is responsible for providing patient travel and will meet the cost of the cheapest mode of travel on behalf of the patient. You can read more on the Pasientreiser website​. The website also contains information about the Helseekspress and Helsebuss bus services.

Several scheduled bus routes stop at the hospital. There is also a number of commuter bus routes running between different parts of Bergen and the hospital.
Skyss has produced a dedicated route map for Haukeland University Hospital (PDF)​ showing which bus routes stop at the hospital. At Skyss.no you will find complete bus routes with details of stops and departure times.
Tide and Nettbuss operate express coaches on several long-distance routes to the centre of Bergen.

Bybanen light railway
The closest Bybanen station is Kronstad. Walking from Kronstad to the hospital takes around 10 minutes. Timetables are available at Skyss.no.

There are usually taxis available at the taxi rank outside the main hospital building (Sentralblokka). If not, our receptionists are on hand 24 hours a day and can help book a taxi for you.

Bergen Train Station in the centre of Bergen is the closest mainline station to Haukeland University Hospital. The distance between the station and the hospital is around 2.5 km and is served by several bus routes.

Bergen Airport in Flesland is just under 20 km from Haukeland University Hospital. There is no direct airport bus between Haukeland and Bergen Airport, but you can take the airport bus to and from the centre of Bergen.

Waiting areas
There is a separate waiting area near the reception in the main hospital building (Sentralblokka) for patients and next-of-kin waiting for transport.


​Parking facilities at Haukeland are divided into separate zones in and around the hospital grounds.
Parking spaces are very limited, however. Out of consid​​eration for those who need to travel to the hospital using their own car, we strongly urge those who are able to do so to use public transport​.

Read more about parking

Practical information

Food and catering


The patient library allows patients and their next-of-kin to borrow books, DVDs and periodicals.

We have a large selection of books, comic books, audiobooks, digital books/cards and PlayStation, Wii and Xbox games, as well as DVDs, CDs, periodicals, newspapers and music.
We also lend DAB radios and playback equipment for films, audiobooks and music.

Opening hours
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11.30–15.30.
​Tuesday and Thursday 11.30–17.30.

Book trolleys
Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday we visit the departments with our book trolley. If you would like to borrow something but are unable to make it to the library, feel free to contact us during opening hours, and we will deliver the requested material to you.

Computers and printers
The library has a public computer and printer/photocopier. Patients and next-of-kin are welcome to use the internet, do their online banking, print off plane tickets etc.

Visual art
We also lend visual art. Please contact us for more information.


​There is a pharmacy in the foyer of the main hospital building (Sentralblokka). This is a public pharmacy operated by Sjukehusapoteka Vest.

Read more about this

Visiting times

​Ordinary hospital visiting hours are between 17.00 and 20.00. Most departments are also able to welcome visitors outside these times. We ask that visitors show consideration for other patients by going to the day room, for example.

If a patient is too ill to leave the room, we kindly ask that you arrange any visits outside normal visiting hours with the staff in the department in advance.

Waiting areas

Patients waiting for transport may do so in a designated waiting area in the foyer in the main hospital building (Sentralblokka). The waiting area is designed to make the wait as comfortable as possible for both patients and next-of-kin.

Opening hours
Staffed waiting area Monday to Friday: 08:15–17:00
Telephone: 915 05 515

The waiting area offers reclining chairs, coffee tables with seats, magazines and coffee.

In the daytime the waiting area is staffed by two transport planners from the Department of Patient Travel. The transport planners are not medically trained but can assist you if there are any changes to your planned travel.

  • Patient travel must be booked by the discharging department before the patient arrives in the wai​ting area.
  • The departments are responsible for referring patients to the waiting area based on a medical assessment.
  • Patients who need to wait longer than 2 1/2 hours for their booked travel should do so in their department.
  • The department should make its assessments, including medical assessments, on the basis that the waiting area is not permanently staffed and not staffed by medical personnel.

Patients travelling by air may contact the hosts in the waiting area, who will help organise an airport transfer.

In special circumstances the waiting area may be unmanned for limited periods during opening hours.

  • Patients who require care and who are in the waiting area at ordinary closing time will be referred back to the discharging department. The discharging department will then look after the patient.
  • Patients who have been allocated patient transport after 15.30 and who require care must wait in their department. Those who do not require care may wait at the edge of the waiting area.

Wireless Internett

​​​​​​​​​​We are happy to offer free wireless internet access to patients and visitors.

To access the WiFi service, connect to the gjest.ihelse.net network. Open your browser, to get access to username and password.

New users
For first-time usage, access your Web Browser to register your relevant details to receive a username and password via your registered mobile number, with immediate access available upon completing registration​. Each session will expire after 31 days.​

Please note that signal strength may be weaker in certain parts of the hospital and during peak usage periods.

Accident and Emergency Departmenthttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/mottaksklinikken/akuttmottakAccident and Emergency Department
Anaesthesia and Surgical Serviceshttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/kirurgisk-serviceklinikkAnaesthesia and Surgical Services
Cancer Treatment and Medical Physicshttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/kreftbehandling-og-medisinsk-fysikkCancer Treatment and Medical Physics
Children and Youth Clinichttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/barne-og-ungdomsklinikkenChildren and Youth Clinic
Clinical Nutritionhttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/medisinsk-avdeling/klinisk-erneringClinical Nutrition
Department of Clinical Engineeringhttps://helse-bergen.no/finn-ikkje-sida/medisinsk-teknisk-avdelingDepartment of Clinical Engineering
Department of Occupational Therapyhttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/ortopedisk-klinikk/ergoterapiavdelingaDepartment of Occupational Therapy
Department of Ophthalmologyhttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/augeavdelingaDepartment of Ophthalmology
Emergency Clinichttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/mottaksklinikkenEmergency Clinic
Emergency Department Short Stay Unithttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/mottaksklinikken/korttidspostenEmergency Department Short Stay Unit
Haukeland hotelhttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/haukeland-hotellHaukeland hotel
Heart Diseasehttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/hjarteavdelingaHeart Disease
Human Resourceshttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/personal-og-organisasjonsavdelingaHuman Resources
Internal Medicinehttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/medisinsk-avdelingInternal Medicine
International Collaborationhttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/internasjonalt-samarbeidInternational Collaboration
Laboratory Medicine and Pathologyhttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/laboratorieklinikkenLaboratory Medicine and Pathology
Maternity Wardhttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/kvinneklinikken/fodeseksjonenMaternity Ward
Medical Geneticshttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/laboratorieklinikken/medisinsk-genetikk-og-molekylermedisinMedical Genetics
Occupational Medicinehttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/yrkesmedisinsk-avdelingOccupational Medicine
Oral Surgeryhttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/department-of-oral-surgeryOral Surgery
Ortopedic Clinichttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/ortopedisk-klinikkOrtopedic Clinic
Radiology departmenthttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/radiologisk-avdelingRadiology department
Recruitment and Temporary Staffing Officehttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/personal-og-organisasjonsavdelinga/bemanningssenteretRecruitment and Temporary Staffing Office
Regional Centre of Excellence for Palliative Carehttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/kreftbehandling-og-medisinsk-fysikk/kompetansesenter-i-lindrande-behandlingRegional Centre of Excellence for Palliative Care
Research and Developmenthttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/forskings-og-utviklingsavdelingaResearch and Development
Secretariat for hospital managementhttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/foretakssekretariatetSecretariat for hospital management
Surgical Clinichttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/kirurgisk-klinikkSurgical Clinic
The Cancer Center for Education and rehabilitation- CCERhttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/kreftbehandling-og-medisinsk-fysikk/kreftsenter-for-opplering-og-rehabiliteringThe Cancer Center for Education and rehabilitation- CCER
The European Porphyria Network - EPNEThttps://helse-bergen.no/finn-ikkje-sida/naposThe European Porphyria Network - EPNET
The Norwegian Arthritis Registry - NorArthritishttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/revmatologisk-avdeling/norartrittThe Norwegian Arthritis Registry - NorArthritis
Thoracic Medicinehttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/lungeavdelingaThoracic Medicine
Treatment abroadhttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/foretakssekretariatet/utanlandsbehandlingTreatment abroad
Tuberculosis clinichttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/lungeavdelinga/lungepoliklinikkar/tuberkulose-poliklinikkTuberculosis clinic
Women's Clinichttps://helse-bergen.no/en/avdelinger/kvinneklinikkenWomen's Clinic

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