Parking facilities at Haukeland are divided into separate zones in and around the hospital grounds.

​Parking spaces are very limited. Out of consid​​eration for those who need to travel to the hospital using their own car, we strongly urge those who are able to do so, to use public transport​.

Parking facilities

The largest patient car parks are underneath the main building (Sentralblokka), in the hospital park and by the Women's Clinic (Kvinneklinikken). There are designated disabled parking spaces in all car parks. 

For electric cars and hybrid cars there are 19 charging places on the west side before driving out of the main building (Sentralblokka).

Parking system: Sesam Sesam

We introduced a new and easier parking system with Sesame Sesame at Haukeland University Hospital on May 11, 2020. Barriers and ticket machines were removed in favor of a sign recognition system which operates by cameras reading the car number when driving in and out.


08.00–17.00 NOK 10 for 20 minutes (or part thereof). Maximum NOK 210 in a 24-hour period.
17.00–21.00 NOK 10 for 30 minutes (or part thereof).
21.00–08.00 NOK 5 per hour (or part thereof). Maximum NOK 40 for an overnight stay.
Next-of-kin parking card NOK 350 per week or 7 entries/exits.

Payment options

There are several payment options to choose from:
- You can download the Sesame Sesame app and register your car before parking, as payment will be made automatically. Alternatively, you can register your car on the Sesame Sesame website.
- You can pay for parking at the ATM.
- You can pay at sesam-sesam.com within 48 hours of stopping the parking.
- You can park without registering, then you will receive an invoice in the mail afterwards (free of charge).

Illegally parked vehicles will be fined and may be towed away at the owner's expense.

Free parking

Some car users do not have to pay for parking. This applies to persons with mobility impairments, blood donors, dialysis patients, patients with exemption cards and voluntary visitation service.

Persons with mobility impairments

To receive free parking as mobility impaired, you must show the HC card and enter the car registration number at the reception on the 0th floor of the main building (Sentralblokka). You will then be exempted from parking fee for one year. The exemption must be renewed annually. This scheme applies parking in the Haukeland area (Sentralblokka, hospital park and KK / Augebygget) and in Sandviken (Psychiatric clinic). 

Patient rights

Some patients may be reimbursed for the cost of using their own car when attending treatment if they need to travel by car for health reasons or if there is no public transport available. You can obtain more information about reimbursement of the cost of using your own car by visiting the Pasientreiser website or by calling 915 05 515. 

Long-term patients and next-of kin

If a patient is in the hospital for seven days or more, the patient / next-of-kin is entitled to parking at a reduced price for 1 to 2 weeks, for up to 3 cars. The price is NOK 350 per week per car. It is the department where the patient is admitted, who must give attestation on this on their own form.

Parking at a reduced price is due in time, or from today's parking.

Patients with serial contact

Patients who are going to the hospital for a number of planned, shorter contacts (examination, day treatment, outpatient clinic, etc.) will be offered parking at a reduced price during the treatment period. The premise is that one assumes that the patient must attend at least 7 times at the hospital in order to have an examination or treatment program performed. The price is NOK. 350 for 7 times / kr. 700 for 14 times. The price is independent of the length of the treatment period.

As for long-term patients, there is a requirement that the ward / unit where the patient is treated, date and sign the form. The patient submits a completed form to the reception in the main building (Sentralblokka) for registration.

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