At the hospital

We want all patients, next-of-kin and visitors to feel safe and secure and to be given adequate information while at the hospital.

Here you will find practical information about how to get to the hospital, maps, daily routines, food and catering, parking and other services provided at the hospital.

If you are unable to find answers to your questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff.​

Amenities near the hospitalhttps://helse-bergen.no/en/at-the-hospital/amenities-near-the-hospitalAmenities near the hospitalThere are numerous supermarkets, flower shops and other amenities near the hospital.23.08.2016 10:40:15
Filming and photographyhttps://helse-bergen.no/en/at-the-hospital/filming-and-photographyFilming and photographyMany patients and their next-of-kin wish to take pictures or make a video to remember the hospital stay. Before you do so, we ask that you follow a few simple rules.23.08.2016 10:46:23
Food and cateringhttps://helse-bergen.no/en/at-the-hospital/food-and-cateringFood and cateringPatients are served food in their respective departments. You can also purchase anything from dinner to snacks, pastries and sweets from various outlets within the hospital. There are also several supermarkets nearby.23.08.2016 10:45:27
Hairdressinghttps://helse-bergen.no/en/at-the-hospital/hairdressingHairdressingHaukeland Frisør is located on Level 3 of the main hospital building (Sentralblokka). The hair salon is open to patients, next-of-kin, staff and the public.23.08.2016 12:07:46
How to get to the hospitalhttps://helse-bergen.no/en/at-the-hospital/how-to-get-to-the-hospitalHow to get to the hospitalThere are several ways of getting to Haukeland University Hospital by public transport. Here follows a brief summary.23.08.2016 10:28:39
Interpreting Serviceshttps://helse-bergen.no/en/at-the-hospital/interpreting-servicesInterpreting ServicesGood communication and mutual understanding are very important when patients meet with healthcare professionals. In order to ensure that everyone has equal access to good quality healthcare services, it is often necessary to use an interpre...10.10.2018 12:25:44
Libraryhttps://helse-bergen.no/en/at-the-hospital/libraryLibraryThe patient library allows patients and their next-of-kin to borrow books, DVDs and periodicals. 23.08.2016 12:10:49
Meals for visitorshttps://helse-bergen.no/en/at-the-hospital/meals-for-visitorsMeals for visitorsYou can purchase anything from dinner to snacks, pastries and sweets from various outlets within the hospital. There are several supermarkets in the vicinity.23.08.2016 10:43:25
Parkinghttps://helse-bergen.no/en/at-the-hospital/parkingParkingParking facilities at Haukeland are divided into separate zones in and around the hospital grounds.23.08.2016 10:37:38
Pharmacy https://helse-bergen.no/en/at-the-hospital/pharmacyPharmacy There is a pharmacy in the foyer of the main hospital building (Sentralblokka). This is a public pharmacy operated by Sjukehusapoteka Vest.23.08.2016 12:38:47
Quiet Roomhttps://helse-bergen.no/en/at-the-hospital/quiet-roomQuiet RoomThe Quiet Room (Stillerom) is located on Level 3 of the main hospital building (Sentralblokka).22.08.2016 22:00:00
Receptionhttps://helse-bergen.no/en/at-the-hospital/receptionReceptionAll outpatient departments in the hospital have their own reception. The receptions can assist with the following;23.08.2016 12:20:47
Valuableshttps://helse-bergen.no/en/at-the-hospital/valuablesValuablesThe hospital does not have an insurance policy to cover any loss of personal property by patients. We therefore advise you to leave any valuables at home.23.08.2016 10:49:03
Visiting hourshttps://helse-bergen.no/en/at-the-hospital/visiting-hoursVisiting hoursOrdinary hospital visiting hours are between 5PM- 8PM. Most departments are also able to welcome visitors outside these times. We ask that visitors show consideration for other patients by going to the day room, for example.22.08.2016 22:00:00
Wireless Internetthttps://helse-bergen.no/en/at-the-hospital/wireless-internettWireless InternettAll patients and visitors can use free wireless internet in most areas of the hospital.22.08.2016 22:00:00

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