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Pathology services in the Western Norway Health Region – a centre for applied digitization

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Acronym: PiV (the Norwegian title is "Patologi i Vest")
Duration: 2020 - 2024
Funding: 20 Mill. NOK
Strategic investment Western Norway Health Authority

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​​​​​​Background: Challenges and opportunities

Increasin​g workload and labour shortages constitute a major challenge for pathology departments in the Western Norwegian Health Region. At the same time, digitization is revolutionizing the field of pathology. Never before has so much data been produced in pathology laboratories. Our project will develop methods to transform this data into meaningful clinical information and implement the results in practical applications:

  • ​To develop next-generation image analysis methods by application of artificial intelligence
  • To improve the pathology workflow by use of process data and optimization algorithms
  • To establish a center for applied digitization in the Western Norway ​Health Region

​​​C​​ancer diagnostics

Nearly all cancer diagnoses are made in pathology laboratories based on tissue or cell samples.

Our projects related to cancer diagnostics

cancer diagnostics

Chronic kidney d​isease​​

Chronic kidney disease is expected to become the fifth leading cause of death until 2040 above all cancer types.

Our projects related to chronic kidney disease

kidney disease

Workflow optimization

Pathology departments in Western Norway are processing ... tissue samples. We need to optimize our work processes to report a diagnosis as fast as possible.

work flow optimization

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