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​​Journal publications

​Fisher, Timothy B., et al. 
Digital image analysis and machine learning-assisted prediction of neoadjuvant chemotherapy response in triple-negative breast cancer​. (2023).

​Thagaard, Jeppe, et al. 
Pitfalls in machine learning‐based assessment of tumor‐infiltrating lymphocytes in breast cancer: a report of the international immuno‐oncology biomarker working group.
The Journal of Pathology (2023)​​

Page, David B., et al.
Spatial analyses of immune cell infiltration in cancer: current methods and future directions. A report of the International Immuno-Oncology Biomarker Working Group on Breast Cancer.
The Journal of Pathology (2023).


Kanwal N, Janssen EAM, Engan K.
Balancing Privacy and Progress in Artificial Intelligence: Anonymization in Histopathology for Biomedical Research and Education
arXiv:2307.09426 [cs.AI]​. 2023.

​​Andreassen C, Fuster S, Hardardottir H, Janssen EA, Engan K.
Deep Learning for Predicting Metastasis on Melanoma WSIs.
arXiv:230305752. 2023. ​

Rewcastle E, Gudlaugsson E, Lillesand M, Skaland I, Baak JPA, Janssen EAM. 
Automated Prognostic Assessment of Endometrial Hyperplasia for Progression Risk Evaluation Using Artificial Intelligence.
Mod Pathol. 2023 Feb 1;36(5):100116.  

Conference pr​oceedings​

Hatlem M, Rabbi F, Stünkel P, Leh F
Intelligent Tracing and Process Improvement of Pathology Workflows using Character Recognition 
The International Health Data Workshop HEDA 2023  

Kanwal N, Amundsen R, Hardardottir H, Tomasetti L, Undersrud ES, Janssen EAM, Engan K
Detection and Localization of Melanoma Skin Cancer in Histopathological Whole Slide Images
31th European Signal Processing Conference EUSIPCO 2023, Helsinki, Finland

Stünkel P, L​​eh F, Leh S​
Process Data Science for Workflow Optimization in Digital Pathology: A status report
The International Health Data Workshop HEDA 2022


Jon Tveit (2023)
Machine learning, unsupervised learning and stain normalization in digital nephropathology
Master's thesis, University of Stavanger
Supervisors: Hrafn Weishaupt, Sabine Leh, Kjersti Engan

Markus Hatlem (2023)
Digitizing pathology lab workflows using image processing and OCR
Master's thesis, University of Bergen​
Supervisor: Fazle Rabbi; Co-supervisors: Patrick Stünkel, Friedemann Leh​

Marie Bø-Sande, Edvin Benjaminsen (2023)
Diagnosis, Localization, and Prognosis of Melanoma in WSIs with a Complete Pipeline by Digital Pathology
Master's thesis, University of Stavanger​
Supervisor: Kjersti Engan

Janne Kristin Hauglid (2022)
A ​web-based dashboard to facilitate progress management of pathology workflows
Master's thesis, University of Bergen
Supervisors: Yngve Lamo, Svein-Ivar Lillehaug​

​Roger Amundsen (2022)​​​​​
Melanoma Diagnosis and Localization from Whole Slide Images using Convolutional Neural Networks
Master's thesis, University of Stavanger
Supervisor: Kjersti Engan; Co-supervisors: Emiel Janssen, Helga Hardardottir, Neel Kanwal​

Christopher Andreassen (2022)
Melanoma prognosis prediction usin image processing and machine learning
Master's thesis, University of Stavanger​
Supervisor: Kjersti Engan; Co-supervisors: Emiel Janssen, Helga Hardardottir, Saul Fuster Navarro

Hovedoppgaver​​ (Cand.med.-degree programme)

Bjarte Herikstad Tveit (2022)
Detection of malignant melanoma cells in sentinel lymph nodes by automatic image analysis
University of Bergen
Supervisor: Sabine Leh; Co-supervisor: Hrafn Weishaupt​​


Stünkel P, Leh S, Leh F (2023)
Pathology process modelling with Petri-nets on event logs 
19th European Congress on Digital Pathology, Budapest.

Weishaupt H, Mola N, Besusparis J, Sund BS, Leh S (2023)
Deep Learning-based Segmentation of Glomeruli: Detection of erroneous Annotations through morphometric Analysis 
19th European Congress on Digital Pathology, Budapest.

Mola N, Weishaupt H, Leh S (2023)
Effect of stain normalization on estimation of kidney fibrosis with image analysis 
19th European Congress on Digital Pathology, Budapest.

Rewcastle E, Skaland I, Gudlaugsson EG, Lillesand M, Baak JPA, Janssen EAM (2022)
Prognostic evaluation of endometrial hyperplasia using an AI-based image analysis tool on whole slide images​
18th European Congress on Digital Pathology, Berlin.

Leh S, Weishaupt H, Dendooven A (2022)

Kidney Biopsy Codes: a multi-hierarchical terminology for non-neoplastic kidney biopsies
18th European Congress on Digital Pathology, Berlin.​​​​

​Mola N, Krasontovitsch V, Hodneland E, Leh S. (2020)
Evaluation of automatic tumor cell detection in Ki-67 stained neuroendocrine tumors of the gastrointestinal tract.
16th European Congress on Digital Pathology, Porto.

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