The main aim of research at Haukeland University Hospital (HUH) is to provide effective and high quality health care in a secure way and thus, the university hospital aims to conduct and facilitate relevant and high‐quality clinical and translational research. We employ about 800 persons engaged in research activities, equivalent to 300 full‐time positions, as well as research support staff. In 2017, about 4 % (NOK 535 mill) of our total budget was allocated to research activities according to a national standardized measurement, and we are the second largest university hospital in Norway with regard to research production. In addition, Haukeland University Hospital actively interacts with the University of Bergen bringing together cross‐institutional and multi‐professional research groups or clusters, making them visible and more powerful in order to answer complex research questions.

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Clinical trials for industry

Clinical Trial Unit
The Clinical Trial Unit at Haukeland University Hospital has broad experience and advanced facilities for early clinical trials for both adults and children, and a high quality laboratory facility for handling of chemical and biological material including living cells.

Clinical studies in cooperation with industry

Bergen Technology Transfer Office
Are you a company in the process of setting up a clinical study at Haukeland University Hospital and in need of administrative support? Bergen Technology Transfer Office manages clinical studies on behalf of Haukeland University Hospital and can help you with administrative tasks, including budgeting and setting up an agreement.

National research support network
Haukeland University Hospital is a partner in the national research support network NorCRIN. The local NorCRIN contact point supports researchers with administrative procedures, quality control and study monitoring around clinical trials. The national network can be used to facilitate national multi-center studies. As an ECRIN member, NorCRIN can facilitate research support on a European level. 
HUH as a partner in your collaborative research project?

HUH as a partner in your collaborative research project?

Haukeland University Hospital has first class research environment and research groups active in many international projects, especially Horizon 2020 and NIH. We can help you get in contact with relevant researchers, contact the Grants Office:

HUH as a host for your Marie Curie Individual Fellowship?

Are you a (post)doctoral researcher interested in Marie Curie Individual Fellowships (MSCA IF)? These fellowships are for researchers wanting to work abroad and thus enhance their career prospects. Haukeland University Hospital, as your host institution, allows you to work in a first class research environment while benefitting from an attractive remuneration package. The Grants Office can help you with finding a supervisor, invite you to a MSCA IF application writing workshop in Bergen and support you throughout the application process.

Contact the Grants Office:

HUH as a test facility for your innovative product?

Contact the support office for innovation:
Innovation project portfolio (in Norwegian)

Planned center for research based innovation (SFI)

Centre for Personalised Clinical Trials in Cancer – CORRECT

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