An overview of our ongoing research projects

Current research

Changing the specialist mental health care: The Concentrated Treatment Format

The team was newly awarded funding for the study "CHANGING THE SPECIALIST MENTAL HEALTH CARE: THE CONCENTRATED TREATMENT FORMAT". The study will compare The Bergen 4-day format to treatment as usual in five disorders; panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, depression and body dysmorphic disorder.

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The Bergen 4-day treatment for OCD: A randomized trial

​Professor Gerd Kvale and associate professor Bjarne Hansen at the OCD-team at Haukeland University Hospital,  have developed a concentrated format (The Bergen 4-day treatment) of delivering exposure based treatment. The format is now being evaluated in a randomized trial.

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The difficult to treat anxiety patient: New treatment approaches: A multicenter study

Our multicenter study investigates if the combination of concentrated, prolonged exposure-based treatment (The Bergen 4-day treatment) and the NMDA agonist d-cyloserine (DCS), enhance and stabilize treatment effects for difficult to treat patients.

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Sleep disturbance in treatment-seeking OCD-patients

Although we have a fair amount of knowledge regarding obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and the treatment, little is known about sleep patterns in patients with the disorder. Does sleep patterns affects treatment outcome or change as a result of treatment

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Brain plasticity and the Bergen 4-day format: Changes in the brain after concentrated exposure treatment for OCD

​Concentrated exposure treatment (cET) helps many patients with OCD to recover, but what happens in the brain when they do so? The OCD-team is currently completing the first study able to measure changes in the brain directly after treatment.

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