Bergen Center for Brain Plasticity

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Anxiety disorders represents world-wide one of the major challenges for health care. The disorders strike early, and even though evidence-based psychological treatments exists, a substantial number of patients are not helped. Together with depression, treatment of anxiety disorders represent the largest costs in outpatient health care, and the personal and socioeconomic gains from improving treatment approaches are immense.

The mission of Bergen Center for Brain Plasticity is to increase patient’s access to highly effective, concentrated treatment formats, and to use such formats as to elucidate multilevel mechanisms of brain plasticity to gain new insights of relevance for future therapies. 
  • The Bergen 4-day Treatment (B4DT)

    The B4DT is a practical, evidence-based, focused and deliberate exposure based treatment. It builds on four decades of empirical research and theories about the most effective approach to OCD treatment. The innovation and strength of the wo...

  • The research projects

    The Bergen 4-Day Treatment provides a stringent approach to induce rapid and lasting clinical change, suggesting that the adult brain is capable of plastic changes. As such, the B4DT offers an elegant tool to uncover the mechanisms of brain...

  • International dissemination

    Dissemination of effective treatment is a major challenge in mental health care, and even though a clinic might offer evidence-based treatment, there is not a guarantee that patients who can access it will actually receive high-quality care.

  • Related research projects

    An overview of our ongoing research projects.

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