Flere PhD-grader har vært tilknyttet Kompetansetjenesten for tropiske infeksjonssykdommer sine prosjekter, særlig innenfor diarésykdom, malaria og antimikrobiell resistens.

OysteinHaarklauJohansenPhD.jpgØystein Haarklau Johansen​

Cryptosporidiosis in low-resource healthcare settings​. Disputert 28.04.2023. Pressemelding​​

JoelManhyani.pngJoel Manyahi​

Molecular characterization of antibiotic resistant bacteria in newly HIV diagnosed adults in a community setting in Tanzania. Implications for infection prevention and control in HIV. Disputert 26.08.2022. Pressemelding​​

thumbnail_Christina Skar Saghaug_Stort.jpgChristina Skår Saghaug 

Genetic variability of proteins involved in metronidazole metabolism and detoxification in Giardia lamblia.​ Disputert 09.12.2021. Pressemelding


ThandilePhD.pngThandile Nkosi 

Severe Anemia in Malawian Children: Risk Factors, Mortality and Malaria Chemoprevention. Disputert 24.11.2021. Pressemelding

SunnivaSakkestad.png​Sunniva Todnem Sakkestad

Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli infection and diarrhoea - experimental infection studies and immunological characterisation to guide vaccine development. Disputert 23.14.2021. Pressemelding

Karl Erik Müller Karl Erik Müller

Characterisation of Leishmania amino acid permease 3 (AAP3) coding sequences and flanking regions as a target of detection and diagnosis of the leishmaniases. Disputert: Mai 2020  Pressemelding

christel_gill_haanshuus.jpg Christel Haanshuus

PCR based Malaria diagnostics – Method development and application. Disputert: November 2019  Pressemelding

Sabrina Moyo

Viral diarrhoea in children under two years of age in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Disputert: Desember 2014.   Pressemelding


Gro Elizabeth Ann Strøm

Diagnosing pediatric malaria in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.Clinical and laboratorial perspectives.
Disputert: Mai 2014.  Pressemelding


Kurt Hanevik

Post-giardiasis functional gastrointestinal disorders and chronic fatigue syndrome – clinical symptoms, inflammation and immune responses
Disputert: Januar 2012.


Knut-Arne Wensaas

Giardiasis in Bergen. Outbreak and clinical consequences
Disputert: November 2011.


Kristine Mørch

Giardiasis with emphasis on treatment  and post-infectious manifestations
Disputert: Mai 2010.


Kamaldeen Baba

Molecular and Immunological Diagnosis of Tuberculous Pleuritis in HIV Infection.
Disputert: Desember 2009.


Bjørn Blomberg

Antimicrobial resistance in bacterial infections in urban and rural Tanzania.
Disputert: Mai 2007. ​​

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