RHINESSA is an international research project dedicated to studying lung health throughout the lifespan and across generations. RHINESSA refers to Respiratory Health In Northern Europe, Spain and Australia.

RHINESSA investigates the children and parents of the participants of large international studies (RHINE and ECRHS) in 7 countries. These studies have investigated lung health, allergies and associated diseases over the last 20 years.

More about RHINESSA

The main aims of the study are to investigate:

  • The prevalence of asthma, allergy and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) across generations
  • The importance of exposures in previous generations for allergic and respiratory diseases in future generations
  • The association between respiratory disease and other non-communicable and chronic diseases
  • The importance of childhood factors for development of asthma and allergy later in life
  • How environmental and lifestyle factors affect these diseases
  • How hormones affect women's lung health

    RHINESSA will provide information on causal and preventive factors of asthma, allergies and associated diseases in three generations, and thereby contribute to improved clinical management and more efficient prevention.

More specifically, RHINESSA will investigate

  • Whether grandparents exposures and traits affect asthma and allergy in their offspring
  • Whether parental exposure before conception influence asthma and allergy in their offspring
  • Whether exposure to indoor and outdoor environment and chemicals affect respiratory and allergy diseases
  • The associations between respiratory diseases and other health aspects such as cardio-vascular diseases, dental health, body weight and metabolic conditions
  • How sleep disorders and physical activity affect these diseases
  • The association between oral and skin microbiome and lung health
  • How pregnancy, hormones and menopause influence women's health


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