Development of precision medicine

Using stem cells for wound healing

In this project, led by Cecilie Bredrup and Stian K. Almeland, the researchers are using mesenchymal stem cell transplantation to heal wounds of the eye and skin.

Chronic, non-healing, and large wounds are debilitating conditions that burden patients and healthcare systems. Advanced wound care developments involving cell-based therapies are emerging as promising treatment options. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) have many advantages for such use: they can be easily obtained, are easy to culture in vitro to clinical scales, can be cryopreserved without loss of potency, and allogenic MSC can be transplanted without the need for immunosuppression. 

Helsepersonell iført smittevernutstyr behandler pasient. Foto
This project will use current clinically approved protocols for autologous bone-marrow derived MSC and examine their effectiveness in selected groups of patients with wound healing problems of the skin and eye. Autologous MSC will be isolated and propagated at the Helse Bergen GMP approved Ex Vivo facility. This will secure a regulatory approved production pipeline from the point of harvesting bone marrow throughout production and delivery to patients in this project's phase I clinical trials. Treatment effect will be measured using sophisticated and innovative methods, developing a future biomarker program for cell therapy of wounds. In addition, preclinical experiments to evaluate the safety and efficacy of allogenic cells will be performed with the long-term aim of using these in clinical trials.​

Project participants​

​Cecilie Bredrup (PI)

Portrett Cecilie Bredrup. Foto

Specialist in Ophthalmology, Department of Ophthalmology, Haukeland University Hospital and
Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Bergen

Stian K​reken Almeland (co-PI)

Portrett Stian Kreken Almeland. Foto

Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Norwegian National Burn Center, Dep. of Plastic, Hand, and Reconstructive Surgery, Haukeland University Hospital

Associate Professor, Head of Research Group for Burn Care and Reconstructive Surgery, Department of Clinical Medicine and Center for Medical Education, University of Bergen

Kamal Mus​​tafa

Portrett Kamal Mustafa. Foto

Professor, Leader of the Tissue Engineering Research Group and Center of Translational Oral Research (TOR), Department of Clinical Dentistry (IKO), UiB​

Bjørn Tore ​​Gjertsen

Portrett Bjørn Tore Gjertsen. Foto

Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Bergen
Senior Consultant of Haematology at the Department Medicine, Haukeland University Hospital
Chief of Research, Haukeland University Hospital, Helse Bergen Health Trust

Eyvind Rødahl

Portrett Eyvind Rødahl. Foto

Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Bergen and Department of Opthalmology, Haukeland University Hospital

Nils Bull

Portrett Nils Bull. Foto

Senior Consultant​, D​epartment of Opthalmology, Haukeland University Hospital

Han​​s Olav Ueland

Portrett Hans Olav Ueland. Foto

Senior Consultant​, Department of Opthalmology, Haukeland University Hospital

Kathrine Halsøy

Portrett Kathrine Halsøy. Foto
Senior Consultant​,​ Department of Opthalmology, Haukeland University Hospital

Cecilie ​​Gjerde

Portrett Cecilie Gjerde. Foto

Associate professor, Tissue Engineering Research Group, Department of Clinical Dentistry, UiB

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