MRCRMs 1st

International Meeting on Regenerative Medicine

In April, we hosted our first conference; the MRCRM 1st International Meeting on Regenerative Medicine, at Scandic Hotel Ørnen in Bergen. 

Person talking to group of people in conference room. Photo
Centre leader Einar K. Kristoffersen welcomed all the participants to the 1st MRCRM International Meeting on Regenerative Medicine.

Over the course of two engaging days, more than 80 accomplished scientists, students and clinicians converged to take part in our conference filled with inspiring lectures, lightning talks, and invaluable opportunities for scientific and social networking.

Front page of conference program with MRCRM logo. Photo.

​More than 20 scientists and PhD students, representing both national and international perspectives, contributed to the meeting. The topics explored ranged from groundbreaking subjects as ‘Psychiatry in a dish’, ‘Cancer immunotherapy’ and ‘CRISPR/Cas9’ to ‘Regenerative Dentistry’, among many others.

​Dr. Anita Kavlie, a representative from the European infrastructure consortium for advanced cell therapy – EATRIS. Her presentation shed light on the support and collaborative opportunities available through this consortium, enriching the overall experience for our attendees.

Woman giving presentation and showing slides. Photo
The “lightning talk” session featuring nine remarkable PhD students stood out as a highlight as they impressed the audience with their excellent presentations. These talented individuals represent the majority of affiliated research groups within the MRCRM. We eagerly anticipate the prospect of accommodating even more national and international PhD students next year! 

Two awardwinning women smiling and holding  diplomas. Photo
In recognition of their outstanding contributions, two standout presenters, Åshild Johansen and Eylem Baysal, both affiliated with the Tissue Engineering Group at the University of Bergen (UoB), were honored as prize winners during the conference dinner, which took place at the conference hotel; Scandic Hotel Ørnen.

Photo of the award winners at the "lightning talk" session: Eylem Baysal and Åshild Johansen. Congratulations! 


SAB meeting

Prior to the conference, MRCRM's ,management group also had its first meeting with the scientific advisory board (SAB), which consists of Prof. Susanna Miettinen, Prof. Adrian Harwood and Prof. Karl-Johan Malmberg. See picture below.

Group photo of participants at conference. Photo
​​​​The MRCRM's management group met with the SAB to discuss the status and plans of the centre. From left to right: Einar K. Kristoffersen, Kamal Mustafa, Susanna Miettinen, Karl-Johan Malmberg, Kimberley J. Hatfield, Guro K. Melve, Cecilie Bredrup, Erik Johnsen, Adrian Harwood and Stian K. Almeland. (Bjørn Tore Gjertsen and Cecilie Gjerde, from the management group, are not present at the photo).

We look forward to welcoming you all to next year’s meeting! 

​Photo credit: Jannika​ Korkeamäki (IKO, UiB) and Turid Helen Felli Lunde.