Immune-driven tissue regeneration

The "STEMreg" project is headed by Salwa Suliman and is funded by the Trond Mohn Foundation under the scheme TMS Starting grant from 2021-2025. 

The STEMreg project is built around the following research themes:

  • Unravel the molecular interplay between implanted mesenchymal stem cells and the recipient’s immune system and how this impacts the microenvironment and hence the therapy outcome.
  • Steer stem-cell based bone regeneration in models under different immune compromised healing conditions.
  • Develop novel immune-instructive biomaterials to improve bone regenerative therapies.

Read more at the projects official website​ and follow Dr. Suliman on Twitter for recent updates: @SalwaSuliman_​​

Portrait Salwa Suliman. Photo​Contact: salwa.suliman@uib.no​

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