Patient-reported outcomes in the Bergen Early Cardiac Rehabilitation Study (BECARESPRO)

This project seeks to investigate patient-reported outcomes in patients with coronary heart disease (CHD) in cardiac rehabilitation.

​​In order to improve health outcomes, a range of multidisciplinary programmes for those affected by CHD have been developed; although the best ways to establish such complex health care interventions are not clearly established. Identifying patients at high risk of adverse outcomes and hospital readmissions is of importance both to patients and society. However, the predictive power of patient-reported outcomes is not sufficiently investigated.

The project is organised in eight sub-studies, each of which supports the main objective; to better define the prognostic profile of this large patient population. The study has importance in that it produces new knowledge to enhance our understanding of illness and treatment from a patient perspective. It contributes to increased patient involvement as underlined in several policy documents. Moving towards a more patient-centred care can maximize patients’ self-care abilities. These patient-reported outcomes can potentially identify patients at high risk of adverse outcomes and hospital readmissions which is of importance both to patients and society.

Helse Bergen has a strategy on improving both the quality and amount of studies within patient-reported outcomes research, and has recently established a Centre on patient-reported outcomes data. In line with the research strategy of Helse Vest, we have built a research team with a very multidisciplinary profile involving local, national and international collaborators.

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