​Research is one out of four tasks dedicated to specialist health care in Norway – along with education of health care professionals, treatment and care of patients, as well as patient education.

"Patient-Reported Outcomes in CARDiology (PROCARD) and QUALity of care in CARDiology (QUALCARD)" is a research group at the Department of Heart Disease, at Haukeland University Hospital. The project portfolio has been built during a ten-year period, and was initiated due to a strong interest in research on patient-reported outcomes and improvement of patient care. PROCARD's main goal is to let the voices of the patients be heard. Patient-reported data are combined with clinical end points. Quality of care is pivotal, and is the main focus of QUALCARD. However, several projects are built into both PROCARD and QUALCARD.

Contact information

Tone Merete Norekvål  (leader)
Phone: +47 990446 35

Bengt Fridlund
Phone: +46 767611233

Nina Fålun
Phone: +47 90858 527

Kjersti Oterhals
Phone: +47 95890403


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