Biobank and quality register

The BCBP uses a consent-based biobank and clinical quality register to document the effectiveness of treatment and as a platform for cutting-edge research.

Information about the biobank

The biobank for anxiety and compulsive disorders is a biobank containing biological material from patients with the aforementioned diagnosis. The objective of the biobank is research related to these diagnoses, for example how hereditary factors affects the disease. The results from the research will gather knowledge to better understand the disease and maybe improve the treatment and diagnosis. 

In research projects, the information from the biobank will be linked to information from medical records and health examinations, health registers and other public administrative registers, for example:

  • CONOR with biobanks
  • Cause of death register
  • Fødselsregisteret FD Trygd
  • Quality register for concentrated treatment formats
  • Regional Research Biobank Central Norway Norwegian Patient Register
  • Registers in Statistics Norway HUNT with biobank The Tromsø survey with biobank REMEMBER with biobank
  • The prescription register
The biobank is approved by REK (ref 2014/75), responsible is Jan Haavik. All research projects based on the biobank must be approved by REK.

If you want more information, you can read our information leaflet here.

You can withdraw your consent at any time and for no reason without any consequences for further treatment. You can contact the OCD team in Helse Bergen, 90 12 19 65 or send an e-mail to gerd.kvale@helse-bergen.no.
Privacy ombudsman at Helse Bergen can be contacted via e-mail: personvernombudet@helse-bergen.no.

Information about the quality register

Register for concentrated treatment formats is a local medical quality register. Various teams and clinics in association with Helse Bergen – Haukeland University Hospital, have for several years offered the concentrated treatment format to patients with anxiety and compulsive disorders. The objective of the quality register is to provide a quality control of the treatment given and that results of the treatment are as expected. Further, the register will be used to improve the quality of the treatment and make an important basis for research within the field.  

The register makes quality assessment possible and thus ensures treatment quality over time. By linking information from this register with other registers in Norway, we will be able to carry out research projects of great national and international interest.


The Quality Register aims to: 

  • Ensure the quality of the concentrated treatment given to patients with OCD and / or anxiety disorders.
  • Use summaries of quality assurance to be able to improve the treatment.
  • Compare different teams / centers that deliver concentrated treatment.
  • Compare / evaluate treatment results over time.
  • Compare results with expected outcomes based on research literature ("Benchmarking"). The register will also be able to form the basis for research projects that have been approved in advance by REK or recommended by the Data Protection Official/Officer (Personvernombudet).

Gerd Kvale is the register manager, Kristen Hagen is responsible for the daily operations.

If you want more information, you can read our information leaflet here.

Withdrawal of consent is possible at any time - no explanation needed, and there will be no consequences for the further treatment. Please call Helse Bergen: 55 97 50 00.

The Data Protection Official/Officer (Personvernombudet) at Helse Bergen can be contacted via e-mail: personvernombudet@helse-bergen.no

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