Radiology department, Kysthospitalet in Hagevik

The Radiology department is situated on the 1st. floor of  Kysthospitalet in Hagevik. We collaborate closely with the different wards at the hospital.
We have three X-ray laboratories. After arriving at the Hospital please address one of the emplyees at the reception, placed on the ground floor.
After registration you will be directed to the waiting area situated at the 1.st floor.

If you are an out-patient at the hospital you will probably have an x-ray examination before the doctors appointment, Sometimes the x-ray appointment wil take place after the doctors appointment.

If you are referred to us from your doctor/primary physician for an x-ray examination,  the referral is sent to us in advance by your physician, unless nothing else has been arranged.

Please give us notice if you are/might be pregnant before the X-ray examination starts.

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