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Since the beginning of the collaboration with Mnazi Mmoja Hospital (MMH) in 2011, Department of Medicine at Haukeland University Hospital (HUH) has been involved within the fields of endocrinology, nephrology, infection medicine, and doctors and nurses in specialist training.

For these projects we primarily have a mutual exchange of personnel where the focus is competence building and volume training for both HUH and MMH staff. In Zanzibar the HUH personnel have an opportunity to gain more competence in clinical diagnosis of tropical diseases, and other non-communicable diseases we rarely see in Norway.

Within the field of endocrinology there is an ongoing research-project that focuses on monitoring foot ulcers, which can reduce the risk of amputation in diabetic patients.

The Section for Infection medicine at HUH is aiming to improve diagnosis of infectious diseases, through increased knowledge and improved techniques.

HUH has contributed to building a new Children’s Clinic in Zanzibar, and the building is also containing a new dialysis center. The Nephrology section at HUH assisted MMH in planning, capacity building, and networking with other renal centers. For many years they have also been supporting Muhimbili University Hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania within the field of nephrology.

Doctors in specialist training at the Department of Medicine (HUH) can apply for an exchange period to MMH, and receive financial support from Department of International Collaboration (DIC). Senior Consultants who wish to use their sabbatical leave working at MMH, preferably also supervise doctors in specializing, can get their expenses covered.

Nurses in clinical continuing education, within the Department of Medicine, are offered the opportunity of a four-week work period at MMH, supported by DIC.

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