Kanti Children's Hospital

Haukeland University Hospital (HUH) is collaborating with Kanti Children Hospital (KCH) in Kathmandu, Nepal. This is the only government run referral children’s hospital in Nepal. The hospital has 320 beds and provides free medical treatments for patients from all over the country up to the age of 14.


KCH is managed by a board that is an autonomous corporate body under the Ministry of Health (MoH), Government of Nepal.

The collaboration started in 2014, when a three-year contract was signed between HUH, KCH and Nepal Red Cross Society Blood Transfusion Services (NRCSBTS). The aim is to strengthen the blood transfusion services at the Kanti Children’s Hospital. We received 2 million NOK from a private donor in Bergen, and this was used for financing equipment and technical consulting. KCH will provide qualified personnel, and the Red Cross will be responsible for continuous, technical consultations, training of and following up the KCH staff.

In 2016 a new project was established within the field of Blood bank. This is a collaboration between the Blood bank at HUH, NRCSBTS, KCH, and Zanzibar National Blood Transfusion Services (ZNBTS). The project is an exchange of personnel between Norway (HUH), Nepal (NRCSBTS and KCH) and Zanzibar (ZNBTS).

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projects in Nepal

  • Blood bank

    With the link to a modern transfusion service at HUH, and the hospital setting at KCH, it is assumed that the project can model future capacity strengthening projects in transfusion medicine.

partner hospitals

  • Ethiopia

    The first female neurosurgeon in Ethiopia received her specialization through HUH’s neurosurgery program.

  • India

    Inside the campus of CMCH we have built the very first Haukeland House, with 8 apartment available for Norwegian staff.

  • Kamuzu Central HospitalMalawi

    Today the Department of Orthopedic surgery at KCH have only two orthopaedic surgeons to cover a population of 6 million people.

  • Nepal

    The project in Nepal is a tripartite between hospitals in Norway, Nepal and Zanzibar within the field of blood transfusion services.

  • Mnazi Mmoja HospitalZanzibar

    The new Children’s Clinic in Zanzibar opened in 2016. It was financed with funds from Trond Mohn, The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Tanzania, and the Ministry of Health in Zanzibar.

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