Orthopaedics and surgery


Haukeland University (HUH) and Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) have an ongoing cooperation with the establishment of a training program for Malawian surgeons in Lilongwe dating back to 2007.


This program was a collaboration between HUH, KCH and Oslo University Hospital (OUH), and has been funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Malawi, and in its latest phase, by Fredskorpset (FK) Norway. The program also included training of nurses for the Surgery Department at KCH. The surgical training program got a favourable independent end evaluation in 2010.

HUH has received private donations in excess of 10 million NOK from Trond Mohn and Grieg Foundation in Bergen, Norway, intended and used for surgical equipment at KCH. This has enabled the hospital to improve surgical and orthopaedic services to a considerably higher level than before the collaboration. This includes theatre x-ray equipment, tourniquet machines, electrical surgical tools, endoscopy units, surgical instruments, orthopaedic implants and external fixators.

After the collaboration started, KCH has achieved accreditation for postgraduate surgical training in general and orthopaedic surgery from COSECSA, and has recently become an official teaching hospital.

For the period 2013-2018, a new large training program has been funded by NORAD as a Norhed programme: «Capacity building in postgraduate surgical training and research in Malawi». The training program is a collaboration between HUH and the University of Bergen, and KCH, Queen Elisabeth Central Hospital and the College of Medicine in Malawi. The program aims to train 30 new specialists in surgery and orthopedics as well as 4 new PhD candidates.

We have also started the process of building a new trauma center in Lilongwe called Lilongwe Institute of Orthopedics and Neurosurgery (LION).

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projects in malawi

  • Orthopaedics and surgery

    We have started the process of building a new trauma center in Lilongwe called Lilongwe Institute of Orthopedics and Neurosurgery (LION).

  • Pathology

    Pathology is an essential part of a medical training program and is a requirement for the recognition of the surgical and neurosurgical specialization.

  • Radiology

    The Radiology department at HUH has been collaborating with KCH since 2008, and is supporting the Orthopaedic and surgical services at KCH.

partner hospitals

  • Ethiopia

    The first female neurosurgeon in Ethiopia received her specialization through HUH’s neurosurgery program.

  • India

    Inside the campus of CMCH we have built the very first Haukeland House, with 8 apartment available for Norwegian staff.

  • Kamuzu Central HospitalMalawi

    Today the Department of Orthopedic surgery at KCH have only two orthopaedic surgeons to cover a population of 6 million people.

  • Nepal

    The project in Nepal is a tripartite between hospitals in Norway, Nepal and Zanzibar within the field of blood transfusion services.

  • Mnazi Mmoja HospitalZanzibar

    The new Children’s Clinic in Zanzibar opened in 2016. It was financed with funds from Trond Mohn, The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Tanzania, and the Ministry of Health in Zanzibar.

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