MRCRM seminar series - April 2022

Welcome to our first MRCRM seminar "The Ex vivo facility - why, how and when", presented by the Centre leader Einar K. Kristoffersen.


Illustration. Man with gigantic  magnifying glass looking at organs in glasses.

"The Ex vivo facility - why, how and when"

On April 27 we will arrange the first of many seminars in the MRCRM seminar series

Our first speaker is centre leader Einar K. Kristoffersen. He will present the new cleanroom "Ex vivo facility" at Haukeland, which is the laboratory where cell products for regenerative medicine will be manufactured. 

To celebrate the official opening of the MRCRM seminar series, we invite you to mingle and delicious tapas after the talk (please register to attend). 

We will also provide digital access via Teams, and no registration is required for digital participation.

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