The Helse Bergen board of directors

The board of directors has overall responsibility for the management of the hospital. The Helse Bergen board of directors consists of representatives appointed by Helse Vest and representatives elected by staff. All board representatives have an equal vote.

​​​Chairman of the board​

Svein Gjedrem, Fjell

​​Vice chairman of the board​​​

Signy Midtbø Riisnes


Anne-Margrete Bollmann
Bjørn Østbø
Ivar Eriksen
Mona Haugland Hellesnes​

Boardmembers - employees

Arvid Langeland
Irene Hopsdal
Karen-Anne Stordalen
Geir Arne Sunde

Vice members - employees

Linda Karin Gangstøe
Marianne Sæhle
Christopher Elnan Kvistad
Aina Nærø Kristensen
Bjarte Terje Helgesen​
Vidar Lysne

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