Media guidelines on hospital premises

Haukeland University Hospital wishes to maintain a good relationship with the media, including when they are seeking to contact our patients. Our adopted strategy and guidelines stipulate that hospital staff should make the necessary arrangements if patients wish to speak to the media.

It is important to ensure that this is done in a way that works well for all parties involved. We therefore have guidelines for how we wish the media to act in order to cause minimum inconvenience to other patients and to staff:

  • The management of the department must always be notified before journalists visit the department.
  • Journalists should report to a member of staff in the department immediately upon arrival.
  • The management of the department must identify and approve appropriate filming locations.
  • Photographers must not film in corridors without the prior approval of the department.
​​Filming in the communal areas in the hospital must be agreed with the Communications Department.

In other words, the first step is to agree interviews and filming with the management of the relevant department. The manager of each department is familiar with the type of patients in the department, how ill they are, when and how they are given treatment/care, factors that could have a negative effect on individual patients, planned activities in the department etc.
All staff are required by law to observe confidentiality, and they are obliged to ensure that patients are not exposed in the media unless they give their explicit consent. This can be a difficult task if a film crew were to start filming in a department without notifying those in charge of patients and activities in the department. The same applies to radio and other interviews. Staff in the department must be given the opportunity to inform the patients in the department.
It is also important to remember not to start filming / taking photos in the hospital corridors without prior permission. A hospital is not a shopping centre. Many of the people on the hospital premises are very vulnerable. Perhaps they have just been told that they have an incurable disease, or maybe they have just visited a spouse, child or friend on their sickbed.

An average of three people die in the hospital every day. There will always be people in the building who are experiencing a very difficult situation. For that reason, we are anxious to ensure that they are not met with a camera when turning a corner or stopped by a journalist asking for an interview. This would have a negative impact on many people.

We have not adopted these guidelines to be difficult or to make life harder for journalists and photographers, but out of respect for our patients. We thank you for your understanding.

Journalists are always welcome, and we are happy to assist you. But please show consideration!

Questions or issues regarding contact with patients or departments?

Call the Communications Department:
Daytime telephone: 55 97 60 00
Home standby – afternoons/weekends: 95 89 04 45​

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