Media guidelines on hospital premises

Our goal is to make accessing Haukeland University Hospital facilities and expert medical staff as easy and efficient as possible for the media while still complying with regulations that imposes us to protect the privacy and safety of all patients, as well as to support the privacy and safety of their family and friends.

All staff are required by law to observe confidentiality, and they are obliged to ensure that patients are not exposed in the media unless they give their explicit consent. 

We therefore have media guidelines in order to cause minimum inconvenience to patients, patient’s family members and to our staff:

Interviews or attempts to interview a patient or a patient’s family members or friends within the hospital must be coordinated in advance with the Communication department. 

The management of the department in question must always be notified before journalists visit the department.

Journalists should report to a member of staff in the department immediately upon arrival.

The management of the department must identify and approve appropriate photo locations.

Photographers must not film in corridors without the prior approval of the department.

Filming in the communal areas in the hospital must be agreed with the Communications department.

Written authorization from the patient is needed to obtain medical information, including photographs or interviews.

If the patient is a minor, written authorization must be obtained from a parent or legal guardian.

Please note: We may deny the media access to a patient if it is determined that the presence of photographers or reporters would cause a disruption or interfere with appropriate clinical care, or if other health or safety factors need to be considered.

Questions or issues regarding contact with patients or departments?

Call the Communications department:
Daytime telephone: 55 97 60 00
Home standby – afternoons/weekends: 95 89 04 45​

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