Housing office

The housing office runs and allocates the 280 housing units that Helse Bergen HF owns. The units are located on Haukelandsbakken, Hunstadsvingen, and at the Costal Hospital in Hagavik (Kysthospitalet KIH). 
The layout of the units varies, but is mainly kept simple. In the housing assignment process we give preference to applicants that are potential recruits or to applicants that live outside the Bergen area. 

We also reserve the right to offer residency in the row houses to applicants that have small children living at home. It is however possible to apply even if the requirements above are not fulfilled.

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Housing office


Haukelandsbakken 44 and 46 
Studio 18 m² & 10 m²      4600 NOK pr. month 
Studio 27 m²                     5050 NOK pr. month 
1-bedroom 35 m²            6000 NOK pr. month 
1-bedroom 39 m²            6200 NOK pr. month

Haukelandsbakken 49 
Room 10 m²                     3300 NOK pr. month 
Room 20 m²                     3900 NOK pr. month 
Studio 35 m²                    5500 NOK pr. month 
1-bedroom 44 m²           6600 NOK pr. month

Row houses, Hunstadsvingen 
3-bedroom 90 m²           10 800 NOK pr. month

Haukelandsbakken 44, 46 and 49 have electricity, heat, and use of laundry facilities is included in the rent. Length of notice for the termination of a housing contract is a month for rooms and 3 months for apartments.

Contact person at Hagavik: 
Kristin Myrmæl phone: +47 56 56 59 01 (during office hours)

Rooms, apartments and row houses

Rooms for rent

Haukelandsbakken 49 has 115 renovated rooms for rent. The rooms are distributed over 5 stories where each floor contains 23 rooms where the tenants share a kitchen and bathrooms.

The rooms are about 10 m² and have a simple layout with a bed, a desk, shelves, chairs, and a wardrobe. Cleaning service is included in the rent, as well as a pillow and comforter. The tenants must provide kitchen utensils and sheets themselves.

We offer fully furnished rooms equipped with sheets and kitchen utensils for our short term tenants (maximum 3 months).

Rent includes electricity, custodial services, and access to laundry facilities.
With an antenna the TV-channels available are: NRK1, NRK2, TV2, TVN and TV3.
The building has an elevator.
Walking distance to the hospital is about 5 minutes.


Haukelandsbakken 44, 46 and 49 have 130 studio- and 1-bedroom apartments ranging from 27 to 44 m². The apartments have a simple layout, and include a private balcony. Most units have a spectacular view over the Bergen valley. Each apartment is equipped with a stove and a refrigerator.
Rent includes electricity, custodial services, and access to laundry facilities.
Tenants can install a TV-antenna, and the TV-channels that are available are: NRK1, NRK2, TV2, TVN and TV3.
Haukelandsbakken 49 has 6 stories and there is an elevator in the building. 
Haukelandsbakken 44 and 46 have 4 stories and are not equipped with an elevator.
Walking distance to the hospital is about 5 minutes.

Row houses 

The housing office offers 5 row houses for rent located on Hunstadsvingen, which is a short distance from Haukeland.
The units are 90 m², and contain an entry way, 3 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Storage spaces are also included.
The row houses have a simple layout, and they come unfurnished and without electrical appliances. Rent does not include electricity.
Walking distance from the hospital is about 5 minutes.

Housing units -  Hagevik 

At the Coastal hospital in Hagevik (KIH) we offer rooms and apartments for rent. The housing units are in close proximity of KIH and have nice surroundings.
The rooms are about 15 m². The units have a simple layout and rent includes cleaning services. The tenants share a bathroom, a renovated fully equipped kitchen and a TV-room.   
Prices are available on request. 

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Practical information

Food and catering

Visiting times

​Ordinary hospital visiting hours are between 17.00 and 20.00. Most departments are also able to welcome visitors outside these times. We ask that visitors show consideration for other patients by going to the day room, for example.

If a patient is too ill to leave the room, we kindly ask that you arrange any visits outside normal visiting hours with the staff in the department in advance.

Wireless Internett

All patients and visitors can use free wireless internet in most areas of the hospital.

Gjest.ihelse.net is a wireless network for visitors, patients and staff.

How to connect to our guest network:

  1. Connect to the wireless guest network (gjest.ihelse.net)
  2. A browser should open automatically. (If the login window does not appear, try to open the browser manually).
  3. Read the terms carefully.
  4. Press "Accept" when you have read and understood the terms.

The login takes place automatically on units after the first login, as long as the account is active. It will only be necessary to log in once per unit per 31 days.

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