Practical skills in advanced operative obstetrics, Bergen, Norway

This is a hands-on course in operative obstetrics with a practical focus. It combines lectures by local and international speakers with training sessions on mannequins.

 Practical skills in advanced operative obstetrics


Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Haukeland University Hospital

3rd -5th May 2023


Acknowledged by the Norwegian Medical Association


Course faculty

Elham Baghestan (Bergen)

Sindre Grindheim (Bergen)

Kim Hinshaw (Sunderland, UK)

Johanne Kolvik Iversen (Oslo)

Jörg Kessler (Bergen)

Ferenc Macsali (Bergen)

Anke Reitter (Zollikerberg, Switzerland)



Module 1 - 3rd May:

Complicated cephalic birth – biomechanics, forceps, shoulder dystocia



Welcome, presentation of the department

Jørg Kessler



The biomechanical fundament of normal delivery and irregular cephalic presentations

Johanne Kolvik Iversen

10:00-10:15Pudendal block  Elham Baghestan  
10:15-10:30 Coffee break  
10:30-11:00 Shoulder dystocia Ferenc Macsali

Hands-on-training: Structured clinical examination, pudendal block, shoulder dystocia

12:15-13:15 Lunch   
13:15-14:05Forceps and vacuum – indications, mechanics and technique Johanne Kolvik Iversen
14:05-14:45The choice of instruments – vacuum vs forceps Kim Hinshaw

Coffee break



Hands-on training, forceps

16.20-17.00Rotational forceps Kim Hinshaw

Dinner for participants and faculty (separate payment)


Module 2

Breech birth – epidemiology, biomechanics, forceps, upright birth position

Obstetric anal sphincter injury

4th May

08:30-09:00Vaginal breech delivery in Norway epidemiology and results Ferenc Macasli
09:00-09:50 Vaginal breech delivery and forceps on the after-coming head -labor mechanics and technique  

Johanne Kolvik Iversen



Coffee break



Hands-on-training: Breech and forceps on the after-coming head

11:15-12:00Alternative birth positions in breech delivery Anke Reitter




Hands-on training: Upright breech

14:00-14:45Anal sphincter injury - diagnosis, treatment and counseling Elham Baghestan/Sindre Grindheim?

Coffee break


15:00-15:30      Anal sphincter injury- counselingElham Baghestan
15:30-17:00 Parallel session, half of participants at each session, change after 45 min 
 Hands on training: Anal sphincter repairSindre Grindheim/Elham Baghestan
 Clinical cases Jørg Kessler/Anke Reitter

Module 3:

Twin birth – epidemiology, breech extraction, combined podalic version

Obstetric hemorrhage – treatment strategies

5th May

08:30-09:15Twin delivery - on the outlook for troubleJørg Kessler

Hands-on training: 2nd twin - combined version, extraction

10:30-10:50Coffee break 
10:50-12:00Postpartum hemorrhage – practical approach. Aortic tamponade, vessel ligation, postpartum hysterectomySindre Grindheim/Ferenc Macsali
12:00-13:00 Lunch  

Parallel session, half of participants at each session, change after 45 min

Hands-on training, Ligation of vessels, postpartum hysterectomy

Sindre Grindheim/Ferenc Macsali
 Clinical cases Jørg Kessler/Anke Reitter
14:45-15:00Summary and evaluation 
15:00End of the course 


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