The Prostate Cancer Therapy Research Group is led by Karl-Henning Kalland.

The group is endeavouring to develop new cancer therapies, particularly targeting prostate cancer. The work consists of two main parts. The first part consists of the phase 1 clinical trial of cryoimmunotherapy to treat prostate cancer. The trial will begin in 2015, and it will include 20 patients who have prostate cancer with metastases. The strategy is designed to overcome the problem of the heterogeneity of cancer cells, which is caused by both mutations and the ability of cancer cells to be reprogrammed. It includes attacking cancer stem cells. The research biobank linked to the study provides valuable research material.

The other main part is the development of an experimental, stepwise model for prostate cancer development. This model is already being used in a screening programme for new bioactive substances that are being tested especially for their ability to influence stem cells and cancer stem cells. It is an important goal to isolate, cultivate and program stem cells and cancer stem cells for diagnostic and therapeutic development of the protocol in the ongoing phase 1 clinical trial.​​

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