An integrated part of the treatment

Assessment and quality control

To ensure the best treatment availible for our patients, quality control is an integrated part of The Bergen 4-day Treatment.
Bilde av Bergen

​Regardless of where you are living, we can assure you as a patient that all 4-day clinics maintain the same high quality treatment.

To be able to maintain the highest possible standard throughout all 4-day clinics, the Bergen 4-day clinic provide training and certification of all 4-day clinics. To be able to ensure the expected high quality on all 4-day clinics, we gather data from all clinics so that you can be sure that your 4-day clinic is as good as it gets. This means that all patients answer questionnaires and clinical interviews before, during and after treatment. The data is gathered and analyzed by the Bergen 4-day Clinic, and results from the clinics are compared.

Quality control works - we have evaluated all 4-day trials on all patients from the day we started, and the results are clear: The treatment has good effect on the great majority of patients, even several years after treatment. This means that all clinics offering the Bergen 4-day Treatment are committed to collecting this information from every patient.

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