Centre for Personalised Clinical Trials in Cancer – CORRECT

Professor Bjørn Tore Gjertsen has gathered a great team of Norwegian and international biotech companies, some of the best national cancer researchers and distinguished international research institutions to build the CORRECT centre. 

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CORRECT consortium and work packages

The conventional cancer therapy evolves towards personalized therapy with a plethora of advanced therapies and massive potential impact of novel combinatory therapies. Society will meet the enormous challenge of choice: which therapies should be combined for which patient, and for what disease? How do we select who should receive expensive, new therapies and what analyses do we need to predict who will benefit from these treatments? Could novel diagnostic technologies identify responders earlier, maybe hours to a few days after initiation of therapy?

This Centre will contribute with a systemic overhaul of the entire therapeutic pipeline to guide effective realization of personalized therapy in cancer. The research in the centre will cover all aspects from development of new drugs, or repurposing of known drugs, through preclinical evaluation and appraisal of health and register data in addition to prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers, to the tailoring of clinical tests and selection of patient groups.

CORRECT partners align to form a unique system for preclinical validation, patient recruitment, screening, biomarker collection and advanced clinical imaging for clinical validation of innovative cancer therapy. Such a seamless platform providing access to paths of product development that does not currently exist in Norway, and is very attractive both to Norwegian biotech companies and to international industry.

“If granted, the CORRECT centre would be of vital importance for developing a holistic system of clinical research on cancer, based on the needs of the patients and in close collaboration with the industry” Clara Gjesdal, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Haukeland University Hospital

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