The TELMON-NOR study; An observational Norwegian multicenter study in in-hospital telemetry monitoring.

Three university hospitals, Haukeland University Hospital, Stavanger University Hospital and Oslo University Hospital/Rikshospitalet are attending the TELMON-NOR study.  The overall aim of the study was to evaluate adherence to guidelines and outcome (arrhythmias and change in management) of in-hospital telemetry monitoring. Following patients were investigated; i) patients monitored according to guidelines, ii) patients not covered by the guidelines, but still being monitored and iii) non-monitored patients, but covered by the guidelines. Maximizing nurses and physicians attention to which patients who are eligible for telemetry monitoring may have impact of inappropriate surveillance, i.e. over- and under-monitoring and improve patient outcomes. The data collection was carried out during autumn 2015. In total, 960 patients were included in the study.

Funding: Quality improvement funding,  The Health Trust of Western Norway, 2015 and 2016

The study was awarded a four year PhD fellowship position at The Western University of Applied Science in 2017.

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