Focus on delirium gave several awards to PROCARD

The field of delirium has had a significant place in PROCARD research group. The results of several years of hard work are now visible - on a national and international arena.

​March 2018, members of the PROCARD research group completed a point prevalence study including 14 wards at Haukeland University Hospital. The study aimed to screen patients 65 years-old and older for delirium, in a lapse of 24 hours. Findings from the study show an incidence of delirium of 27%.

Patients with delirium can be challenging for healthcare providers. For patients and their relatives, the experiences of having delirium can have repercussions lasting long after hospital discharge. Increasing the understanding and knowledge about delirium can promote the optimal care of this patient group. According to several studies, it is possible to prevent delirium in 30% of the cases. PROCARD research group intends to continue this work by implementing systematic prevention and identification of delirium on an early stadium, and to focus in treatment strategies for this patient group.

Findings from the point prevalence study were presented at EuroHeartCare, hold in Milano in May 2019. Irene Instenes and her collaborators received the award for Best Moderated Poster with «Delirium in hospital elders: common, recognized and undiagnosed».

Irene Instenes

Irene Instenes et al. also won an award at the annual Norwegian Congress of Cardiovascular Nursing 2019 for best-moderated poster. The title of her work is «Every fourth patient 65+ suffers from delirium during hospital admission – a call for a validated screening program”.

Irene Instenes

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