Article from PROCARD published in “Medical Research Methodology”

Irene Valaker et al. published “Adaptation and psychometric properties of the Norwegian version of the heart continuity of care questionnaire (HCCQ)” in BMC Medical Research Methodology.

​Valaker and her collaborators translated and validated the Heart Continuity of Care Questionnaire (HCCQ), a Canadian instrument that explores patients’ experiences with continuity of cardiac care. The translation process followed international guidelines including forward and backward translations and involved representatives from patients and expert’s groups.

Contact with a professional editing agency and pilot testing of the questionnaire was conducted prior to the start of the study. The author of the original HCCQ co-authors this article and provided valuable contributions in the process. The questionnaire shows good psychometric properties (validity and reliability); however, confirmatory factor analysis shows moderate results in three of its dimensions (informational, relational, and management).

Interesting findings arose following the adaptation of HCCQ. For instance, our data shows that participation in cardiac rehabilitation and longer consultations with general practitioners after hospital discharge were positively correlated with better continuity of care.
Literature in the area of Interventional Cardiology highlights the need for more research targeting continuity of care within healthcare providers. Instruments such as HCCQ can contribute to the identification of more integrated services in this patientgroup.