PROCARD research group at the 27th Nordic-Baltic Congress of Cardiology (NBCC)

Several members of the PROCARD research group actively participated in the very successful Nordic-Baltic cardiology congress in Helsinki on 10-12th of June.

​Adherence was a hot topic, and Trond Pettersen was invited to speak on “Challenges adhering to a medication regimen following first-time percutaneous coronary intervention: A patient perspective.”  Another presenter from PROCARD was Leslie SP Eide who participated with “Sleep disturbance and delirium in TAVI patients” in the session “TAVI, think frailty and delirium”. This session was chaired by Tone M Norekvål.

Four posters from the PROCARD research group were presented at NBCC. Eva Torsvik: “They still like to get a letter – Patient preference for follow-up after radiofrequency ablation for atrial fibrillation”, Nina Fålun: “Patients’ reflections on prehospital symptom recognition and timely treatment in myocardial infarction”, Merete Drønen: “Posttraumatic growth in patients with coronary artery disease participating in an early cardiac rehabilitation programme” and Kjersti Oterhals and Lena Dehli: “The impact of the mechanical heart valve sound on symptoms of anxiety and depression”.

Trond Pettersen

Leslie S.P.Eide

Trond Pettersen and Tone M. Norekvål