Challenges adhering to a medication regimen after percutaneous coronary intervention: A patient perspective.

Important article from the CONCARD study has been published in The International Journal of Nursing Studies. The study focuses on what patients find challenging in adhering to prescribed medications after percutaneous coronary intervention.

​The aim of the study was to explore patients’ experiences in adhering to a medication regimen following early post-discharge after percutaneous coronary intervention, and to explore which strategies’ or resources they utilized if problems occurred. Findings from the study describe patients’ reasons for non-adherence as multifactorial and interactive; Scepticism towards generic drugs, side effects from medications, forgetfulness, psychological impact of living with coronary heart disease, and lack of information about seriousness of heart disease. However, patients expressed that the overwhelming situation at the hospital severely hindered them from retaining the information they received. As the hospital stay is short after percutaneous coronary interventions, the need for a more structured follow-up care post discharge was underlined.

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