Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory

Researchers at the laboratory work with the following issues:
  • Somatic mutations that make cancer cells resistant to treatment.
  • Germline factors that influence the risk of cancer and result in different clinical expressions and different degrees of side effects during treatment.
  • Hormones and their role in cancer development and treatment of various hormone-sensitive cancers.
Research is mainly focused on cancer arising in the breast, ovaries, testes, prostate and the gastrointestinal tract as well as on malignant melanomas.

About Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory

The main focus of our research is to identify the genetic and molecular mechanisms that influence the risk of various types of cancer, as well as the mechanisms that have impact on treatment results of cancer patients. 

Bergen Medical Research Foundation (BMFS), Helse Bergen and the University of Bergen are co-founders of Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory. BMFS made a donation of NOK 12 million for the establishment of the laboratory.
The official opening of the laboratory was December 21st 2009. The lab is located on the floor 1M in the new laboratory building at Haukeland University Hospital. Here, researchers have new laboratory facilities with a modern instrument park. Adding the premises at the Division of Oncology located at the 6th floor in the same building, this constitutes a total of 500 square meters dedicated to translational cancer research.

During the first years the activity has been increasing, and new instruments including a MiSeq for massive parallel sequencing, is purchased. Through these web pages we aim to provide updated information on staff and facilities as well as new and important research results.​​

Contact us

Phone: 55 97 64 44

Groupleader:  Per Eystein Lønning, professor MD PhD

Leader: Olav Dahl, professor MD PhD 

Contact: Stian Knappskog, seniorforsker PhD

Mohn Kreftforskningslaboratorium
Laboratoriebygget, et. 1M
Haukeland universitetssykehus
Postboks 1400
N-5021 Bergen​

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