Training and Certification

To be able to offer 4-day treatment, a contract is required committing clinics to routines for management/administration, training and certification of teams.
Bilde av Bergen på kveld

The Bergen Research Foundation, The Kavli Trust, Haukeland University Hospital and the University of Bergen join forces to establish Bergen Center for Brain Plasticity (BCBP). Formal start-up is June 1, 2019.

There is a very high demand from clinics who want training in B4DT, both nationally and internationally, and in order to ensure high quality international dissemination, a system is now being introduced where clinics seeking training apply for this. It will be governed by BCBP, which deals with spreading plans. The plan is to start with new clinics twice a year, and the first new round will be in the fall of 2019.

The 4-day clinic in Bergen, led by Gerd Kvale and Bjarne Hansen, is responsible for training and certification. Only teams consisting of at least three persons are offered training. Single therapists are not offered training, and treatment can only take place in clinics with certified 4-day treatment teams. Certified therapists cannot administer the 4-day treatment if they are no longer part of a team.

To ensure robust and quality controlled dissemination of The Bergen 4-day Treatment, clinics wanting to offer must commit to a contract with the 4-day clinic in Bergen. This contract specify demands to both therapists and the treatment offered, and must be followed in detail.

All patients participating in the 4-day treatment are referred to the Bergen 4-day clinic for assessment and integrated quality control.

Clinicians interested in establishing a 4-day clinic, please contact Gerd Kvale for more information.

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