Dried plasma

Helse Bergen has received funding from Innovation Norway to develop technology for local production of dried plasma in our Blood Bank. This gives Helse Bergen an unique opportunity to produce dried blood plasma which can be distributed to prehospital health care providers and ambulances, hospitals, the municipal health service and military health services. This technology is of interest both on an national and international level.  

We are looking for collaborators that can develop technology to produce dried plasma. Dried plasma is a scarce resource, so local production is important to secure availability and preparedness both locally and nationally.

Production of dried plasma at the blood banks will enable a stable supply of a life-saving product. In addition, we will have the flexibility to adjust the production to needs in an emergency.

​Helse Bergen invites to a dialogue with stakeholders in the market who wish to participate in the development of a system for drying blood plasma used for the treatment of patients with life-threatening bleeding.

​The Dialogue Conference will be held in person in Bergen 23rd of August 12.00-15.30 (in norwegian). One-on-one meetings will be held eihter in person or digital, in norwegian or english. If you are not available to attend the Dialogue Conference in Bergen in person, you are welcome to registrate for a one-on-one meeting. For registration, see below.​

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