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Information about appointments and visits at Helse Bergen

During the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemic, regulations on infection preventative actions have been taken to avoid the contamination of all patients within all of our hospital locations. This includes a questionnaire to all patients on corona.

Before attending your appointment, we need to know if you may be infected by the corona virus.

Fill out the form at (only in Norwegian)

Please fill out the form below, 3 days prior to your scheduled appointment. A link to the questionnaire will be sent to you via text-message.

Fill out the form at

This requires you to register a user profile at, and to sign the consent form

If you don't understand Norwegian, or don’t manage to log in or fill out the form, please call the department in charge of your appointment (see admission letter) or call 55 97 50 00 (call desk).

Helthcare personnel will guide you through the questions via an interpreter if needed. 

The screening-questions in different languages

The form is available in different languages:

In case of telephone- or video consultation, you don`t need to fill out the form.

Hospital visits by appointment

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, Helse Bergen has ongoing regulations on public visits at the hospital. If you plan to visit the hospital, you need to be familiarized with the current visiting routines:
Regulations on public visits at the hospital:

  • You should not have any symptoms of a respiratory infection
  • All visits must be clarified with the relevant department prior to arrival at the hospital
  • Only 1-2 visitors are allowed at a time
  • Each visit is allowed for a maximum of 30 minutes
  • Visits must take place during visiting hours
  • You should not visit the hospital if you are currently self-isolating, or need to restrict your movements.
  • You should not visit the hospital while you await your test results
  • If you have been travelling abroad, you can not visit the hospital until 10 days upon homecoming
  • Visitors must perform proper hand washing upon arrival at the hospital. This also applies for outdoor visits.
  • Visitors should walk directly to – and from the patient`s room. If the patient doesn`t have a private room, the visit should be arranged othervise
  • Visitors should keep a space of 1 meter (at minimum) to healthcare workers, all patients, and other patients`next of kin.Visitors should not bring any food to the hospital, or use any kitchen facilities within the hospital
  • The patient should perform proper hand washing or disinfection when the visitor(s) leave the room.
  • All visitors should perform proper hand washing or disinfection upon leaving the hospital
  • As part of the coronavirus tracking system, all hospital visitors who develop symptoms of covid-19 and are tested, should inform the test personnel about their visit to the hospital

Helse Bergen strives to specifically facilitate for hospital visits to: critically ill or dying patients, patients with long-lasting hospital stays, paediatric patients, when children are relatives, and for the partner during and after childbirth.

Upon attendance at your appointment

As a safety precaution, the questions will be repeated upon attending your appointment. This also applies for anyone accompanying you to the hospital, to avoid the contamination of COVID-19 within the hospital locations, and to keep our environment as safe as possible for all patients.

  • If you answer “no” to all the questions, your appointment will be conducted as planned.
  • If you answer “yes” to any of the questions, the consultant in charge (physician or psychologist, or other) will assess whether or not it is safe to conduct or defer your appointment.
  • The consultant in charge will consider an alternative method of conducting the appointment if appropriate (e.g. telephone or tele-medicine)

In need of assistance to the hospital

During the coronavirus epidemic, we want as few people as possible into the hospital to prevent infection. Only patients who need it can bring one (1) companion.

Please attend your scheduled appointment

It is important that you show up in due time for your appointment. You may need extra time to answer the questions upon arrival and locate your appointment facilities. However, it is important that you don’t spend more time at the hospital than necessary. Please, do not be late for your appointment, as this may cause unnecessary delays.

Rescheduled appointments

Because of the coronavirus epidemic situation, your appointment at the hospital may be rescheduled. If so, you will be contacted by telephone, or mail. If you experience any discomfort, or deterioration in your condition while awaiting your rescheduled appointment, please contact the department in charge of your appointment, (see details of contact information in your admission letter) or local doctor (fastlege).

Consultation via telephone or video

Your appointment may be conducted via telephone or video (tele-medicine) if your physical presence is not required. If so, you will be contacted for more information.

If you still have questions, call:

  • The Norwegian Directorate of Health’s information line: 815 55 015
  • If you think you are infected bt the covid-19-virus, please contact your family doctor or call: 116 117.
  • Haukeland University Hospital patients can call the unit (avdeling) where they have their appointment. You can find the phone number of the relevant unit in your appointment letter, or by looking up the unit on our website.

Information about the corona situation

The Norwegian Directorate of Health:


The Norwegian Institute for Public Health:


Information about the coronavirus (available in multiple languages)

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