COVID-19 at sea

Management and prevention of COVID-19 at sea pose particular challenges to the maritime sector. This page provides an overview of key resources.

​The maritime COVID-19 assessment tool

The international maritime covid-19 assessment tool, developed by the Norwegian Centre for Maritime and Diving Medicine, with the financial support of Gard AS, is an interactive, web-based decision support tool for officers responsible for medical treatment on board ships and mobile offshore units, with information on assessment, treatment and follow-up of individuals with suspected Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at sea. We welcome your feedback on post@ncmm.no.

Information about Covid-19 testing

Overview of current regulations and recommendations for ships and shipowners

Radio Medico Norway – advice for ships and ship owners (PDF)


Further sources of information

Gard The Norwegian Maritime Authorities The Norwegian Coastal administration The Norwegian Institute of Public Health The Norwegian Directorate of Health International Maritime Organisation The International Air Transport AssociationWorld Health Organisation

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