Epnet EQAS

The Epnet External Quality Assessment Scheme (Epnet EQAS) covers analytical, postanalytical and clinical aspects for all porphyria-related biochemical analyses.
The Epnet EQAS includes one shipment per year, consisting of two sets of biological materials for porphyria analysis and corresponding feedback reports. Distributed biological samples may vary, but at least one set consist of fresh frozen urine, faeces, plasma, whole blood and pellet of red blood cells from an actual patient. The samples are sent in February stored in dry ice (as far as possible) and will be delivered by express service to the participating laboratories.

The two sample sets are to be analysed in February and in September. The sample sets are accompanied by clinical case histories and should be analysed in the routine procedures for all porphyrin analyses available at the laboratories.

Participants are asked to report the results of their analyses and a diagnosis based on these. The feedback report consists of a detailed report comparing the participating laboratory’s results with anonymized results from other laboratories, as well as advice on methods of measurements and diagnostic procedures.

Apply for participation

If you are interested in participating in Epnet EQAS, please send an email to porfyri@helse-bergen.no. Please report which porphyria-related analyses you perform in your laboratory, and, if applicable, which analyses you would forward to other laboratories. It would then also be of interest to know which laboratory/ies you forward samples to.

Download a feedback report example:

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