Regional Centre of Excellence for Palliative Care

As part of the Norwegian National Cancer Plan (1999-2003), four regional centres of excellence for palliative care were established, one in each of Norway's four health care regions.
The government has assigned these centres to research, education, and service development, and given them a role in coordinating and promoting palliative care in their respective regions, both in hospitals and community services. 
The Western Norway Health Care Region covers three counties with 85 municipalities and has a population of 1,1 million inhabitants. From January 2020, a new organisation of the region will give two counties and 66 municipalities. The region has 10 somatic hospitals and is divided into four administrative areas.

Palliative care is provided as an integral part of the public health care system. All the five major hospitals have an interprofessional specialist palliative care team, also serving the smaller, local hospitals. Three hospitals have a specialist palliative care inpatient unit. Eight nursing homes in the region have a palliative care inpatient unit, while 40 nursing homes have one or a few beds dedicated to palliative care.

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