Patient telephones

Patients are welcome to use the telephone next to their bed. The telephone requires a phonecard, available for purchase in the hospital.


Phonecards are on sale in vending machines across the hospital and in the Deli de Luca kiosks in the main hospital building (Sentralblokka) and the Women's Clinic (Kvinneklinikken). 

Outgoing call charges: 

Price per minute
08.00–18.00 NOK 0.43
18.00–08.00 NOK 0.27
Mobiles NOK 2.64

Denmark, landlines: NOK 0.74
Sweden, landlines: NOK 0.90
Finland, landlines: NOK 0.90
There is an additional connection charge of NOK 2.40 per call.

Each telephone is marked with a 5-digit internal telephone number. You can give this number to your next-of-kin if you wish to receive calls during your hospital stay.


User guide for patient telephones and card machines:


​Outgoing calls from Solitaire 500:

  • Pick up the receiver and swipe your card
  • Wait for a new dial tone
  • Dial the number and wait for an answer
  • To end the call, simply hang up

Internal calls:

  • ​​Pick up the receiver
  • Dial the internal number and wait for​ an answer
  • To end the call, simply hang up
  • Using the card machines (works just like a drinks vending machine)
  • Insert the exact amount
  • Once the display shows “50”, for example, press the green button and a phonecard will be dispensed


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