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Forskingsavdelinga har ein stab med fast tilsette samt fleire midlertidige prosjekttilsette.

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Ketil J. Ødegaard
Telefon 55 95 86 57

Les meir om Ødegaard

Professor of Psychiatry at the Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Bergen and the director of the Department of Research in the Division of Psychiatry, Haukeland University Hospital.

He is the past President of the Norwegian Psychiatric Association and the Norwegian Society for Bipolar Disorders and is currently the European regional leader and the chair of the transcultural task force of the International Society for Bipolar Disorders.

He is a partner in the excellent research center: The KG Jebsen Center for Neuropsychiatric Disorders. He earned his doctorate in clinical psychiatry at the University of Bergen, and he completed his postdoctoral training at the Kelsoe laboratory for psychiatric genetics and the Akiskal International Mood Center at the University of California San Diego.

Dr. Oedegaard is a licensed psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of affective disorders. His team is focused on optimizing the psychological and biological treatments of patients with bipolar disorder. He actively investigates ways of improving the clinical assessment, in order to make better differential diagnoses, predictions about future functioning, or monitoring of treatment progress – particularly with regard to bipolar disorder across the lifespan.

He teaches courses on bipolar disorder, genetics, psychiatric registry research, psychaitric history and transcultural psychiatry. Dr. Oedegaard has spoken on the topic of bipolar disorder at scientific meetings in Norway, across Europe, Australia, South America, and Asia, as well as the United States. Dr. Oedegaard has published more than 50 peer reviewed publications on the topics of clinical, epidemiological and genetic studies of bipolar disorder , ECT and psychiatric comorbidity, and he has served as an ad hoc reviewer on more than thirty prominent psychology and psychiatry journals as well as being on the editorial board of Psychiatry investigation. He is the author of the first Norwegian textbook in Bipolar Disorder.

Dr. Oedegaard has been the principal investigator on five grants and a co-investigator on more than 50 million NOK in funded projects.

Grants as Principal Investigator

  • Effects of ECT in treatment of depression: A prospective neuroradiological study of acute and longitudinal effects on brain structure and function, Health West 2015-2017 (1.500.000).
  • Pharmacogenomics of Mood Stabilizer Response in Bipolar Disorder (PGBD) Health West, MoodNet 2011-14 (1.730.000 NOK).
  • Samhandling om psykiatriske pasienter på tvers av tjenestenivå - en prospektiv kohortstudie av 6000 pasienter innlagt i akuttpsykiatrien i Helse Bergen Health West 2011-2013 (2.400.000 NOK).
  • The Norwegian randomized controlled trial of electroconvulsive therapy in treatment resistant depression in bipolar disorder Health West 2011-2013 (1.530.000 NOK).
  • A Whole Genome Association Study of Bipolar Disorder and Co-morbid Migraine: Analyses from the NIMH Bipolar Genome Study (BIGS) and Replication Analyses in a Norwegian Sample of Patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Health West, MoodNet 2009-2010 (680.000 NOK).

Awards: Lundbeckstipendet 2005; Søren Falchs award for best junior researcher 2007; best research group of the year, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Bergen 2014 (KG Jebsen center for neuropsychiatric disorders); NEJM best psychiatric research paper 2014; best research publication, Akuttpsykiatrikonferansen 2015.

Publications (selected):

  • Mertens J, Wang QW, Kim Y, Yu DX, Pham S, Yang B, Zheng Y, Diffenderfer KE, Zhang J, Soltani S, Eames T, Schafer ST, Boyer L, Marchetto MC, Nurnberger JI, Calabrese JR, Oedegaard KJ, McCarthy MJ, Zandi PP, Alba M, Nievergelt CM; Pharmacogenomics of Bipolar Disorder Study, Mi S, Brennand KJ, Kelsoe JR, Gage FH, Yao J. Nature. Differential responses to lithium in hyperexcitable neurons from patients with bipolar disorder. 2015 Nov 5;527(7576):95-9.
  • Oltedal L, Kessler U, Ersland L, Grüner R, Andreassen OA, Haavik J, Hoff PI, Hammar Å, Dale AM, Hugdahl K, Oedegaard KJ. Effects of ECT in treatment of depression: study protocol for a prospective neuroradiological study of acute and longitudinal effects on brain structure and function. BMC Psychiatry. 2015 May 1;15:94.
  • Schoeyen HK, Kessler U, Auestad BH, Andreassen OA, Eide GE, Malt UF, Morken G, Bergsholm P, Oedegaard KJ, Vaaler AE. Treatment resistant bipolar disorder depression- A randomized controlled trial of electroconvulsive therapy versus algorithm based pharmacological treatment. Am J Psychiatry 2015 Jan;172(1):41-5.
  • Fasmer OB, Hauge E, Berle JO, Dilsaver S, Oedegaard KJ. Distribution of active and resting periods in the motor activity of patients with depression and schizophrenia. Accepted Psychiatry Investigation, 2015.
  • Fasmer OB, Mjeldheim K, Førland W, Hansen AL, Dilsaver S, Oedegaard KJ, Berle JO. Motor activity in adult patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Psychiatry Investigation, Oct;12(4):474-82
  • Fornaro M, De Berardis D, De Pasquale C, Indelicato L, Pollice R, Valchera A, Perna G, Iasevoli F, Tomasetti C, Martinotti G, Koshy AS, Fasmer OB, Oedegaard KJ. Prevalence and clinical features associated to bipolar disorder-migraine comorbidity: a systematic review. Compr Psychiatry 2015 Jan;56:1-16.
  • Kessler U, Schoeyen HK, Andreassen OA, Eide GE, Malt UF, Oedegaard KJ, Morken G, Sundet K, Vaaler AE. The effect of electroconvulsive therapy on neurocognitive function in treatment-resistant bipolar disorder depression: a randomized controlled trial. J Clin Psychiatry 2014 Nov;75(11).
  • Jacobsen KK, Nievergelt CM, Zayatsa T, Greenwood TA, Anttilae V, BiGS Consortium, Akiskal HS, IHG Consortium, Haavik J, Fasmer OB, Kelsoe JR, Johansson S, Oedegaard KJ. Genome Wide Association Study Identifies Variants in NBEA Associated with Migraine in Bipolar Disorder. Journal of Affective Disorder Oct 12;172C:453-461.
  • Schumann G, Binder EB, Holte A, de Kloet ER, Oedegaard KJ, Robbins TW, Walker-Tilley TR, Bitter I, Brown VJ, Buitelaar J, Ciccocioppo R, Cools R, Escera C, Fleischhacker W, Flor H, Frith CD, Heinz A, Johnsen E, Kirschbaum C, Klingberg T, Lesch KP, Lewis S, Maier W, Mann K, Martinot JL, Meyer-Lindenberg A, Müller CP, Müller WE, Nutt DJ, Persico A, Perugi G, Pessiglione M, Preuss UW, Roiser JP, Rossini PM, Rybakowski JK, Sandi C, Stephan KE, Undurraga J, Vieta E, van der Wee N, Wykes T, Haro JM, Wittchen HU. Stratified medicine for mental disorders. Eur Neuropsychopharmacol. 2014 Jan;24(1):5-50.
  • Oedegaard KJ, Dilsaver DC, Hundal O, Riise T, Lund A, Akiskal HS, Fasmer OB. Are Migraine and Bipolar Disorders Comorbid Phenomena? Findings from a Pharmaco4 Epidemiological Study Using the Norwegian Prescription Database. J Clin Psychopharmacol. 2011 Dec;31(6):734-9.
  • Oedegaard KJ, Riise T, Dilsaver SC, Lund A, Akiskal HS, Fasmer OB, Hundal O. A Pharmaco-epidemiological Study of Migraine and Antidepressant Medications: Complete One Year Data from the Norwegian Population. J Affect Disord. 2011 Mar;129(1-3):198-204.
  • Oedegaard KJ, Greenwood TA, Johansson S, Jacobsen KK, Halmoy A, Fasmer, OB, Akiskal, HS, Bipolar Disorder Genetics (BiGs) Consortium, Haavik J, Kelsoe JR. A Genomewide Association Study of Bipolar Disorder and Co-morbid Migraine: Identification and replication of genetic associations in the 13q14.1 region harbouring the gene KIAA0564. Genes Brain Behav. 2010 Oct;9(7):673-80.
  • Oedegaard KJ, Greenwood TA, Lunde A, Fasmer OB, Akiskal HS, NIMH Bipolar Genetics Consortium, Kelsoe JR. A Genome –wide Linkage Study of Bipolar Disorder and Co- morbid Migraine: Replication of Migraine Linkage on Chromosome 4q24, and Suggestion of an Overlapping Susceptibility Region for both Disorders on Chromosome 20p11. J Affect Disord. 2010 Apr;122(1-2):14-26. ​

Stine Hauge
Telefon 55 95 84 49 | 994 28 244

Tonje Renate Hellesund
Controller for Forskingsavdelinga og alle forskingsprosjekta som er knytt til avdelinga.
Telefon 480 86 403 ​ ​

Forskarar og stipendiatar

Alisauskiene, Renata 

Balafkan, Novin 

Berle, Jan Øystein 

Bjarke, Jill 

Diekmann, Silvia A. 

Frid, Leila Marie 

Frostad, Stein 

Gjestad, Rolf 

Meir om Gjestad 

Psychologist. Finished his degree in 1994.
  • He has worked as a clinician and researcher at Center for Crisis Psychology from 1994-2007.
  • In 2007-2011 he worked as a researcher at Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Section of Psychiatry, on an alcohol project belonging to Karolinska Institutet.
  • The doctoral degree "Modeling Comorbidity Change and Long-term Mortality: a Treatment Study of Women with Alcohol Addiction" was defended in December 2012.
  • Since 2011 Rolf Gjestad has been employed at the Research Department giving support in statistical analyses on different research projects in Haukeland University Hospital.
  • Of particular interests in statistical modeling are factor analysis, structure- and latent growth curve modeling, and multilevel modeling. 

Griffin, Kristine F. 

Guribye, Frode  

Hagen, Kristen 

Haugen, Anne Katrine 

Haugen, Egil Anders 

Hjelmtveit, Torkild 

Hoprekstad, Gunnhild 

Hugdahl, Kenneth J. 

Meir om Hugdahl

  • ​​​​​Professor i biologisk psykologi ved Universitetet i Bergen, og innehar bi-stilling (Professor II) ved Forskingsavdelinga, Divisjon for psykisk helsevern, samt ved Radiologisk avdeling, Haukeland universitetssjukehus.
  • Pioner i Noreg for bruk av funksjonell magnet resonans avbildning (fMRI) av hjernen, og forskar på hørselshallusinasjonar ved schizofreni.
  • Har mottatt fleire prisar og utmerkingar for si forsking, herunder Helse Vests Forskningspris 2006, Melzerstiftelsen Ærespris 2014 og NFR Møbiusprisen 2014.
  • Ofte invitert å forelese om si forsking i inn- og utland, og har eit utstrakt forskingssamarbeid med andre grupper.
  • Har publisert over 350 artiklar og seks bøker og har mottatt forskingsbevilgningar frå t.d. det Europeiske Forskningsrådet (ERC), NFR, Helse Vest, MacArthur Foundation USA og Universitetet i Bergen. Kontaktinformasjon Prof. Kenneth Hugdahl, PhD Dept Biological and Medical Psychology University of Bergen, Jonas Lies vei 99, 5009 Bergen, Norway Division of Psychiatry, and Dept Radiology, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway Office 


Meir om Husabø

Elisabeth Husabø er psykolog, utdanna ved Universitetet i Bergen, Universitet i Oslo og University of Berkeley, California. Ho har lang erfaring som miljøterapeut ved akuttpostar i psykiatri og barnevern, og har jobba som kommunepsykolog for barn og unge i Fjell kommune.
I februar 2016 starta ho sin doktorgrad, finansiert av Helse Vest RHF. Prosjektet tar føre seg implementering av lavterskeltiltak for engstelige ungdom, og er eit underprosjekt av den randomiserte kontrollerte studien LIST-prosjektet.

Doktorgradprosjektet hennar har tilknyting til Regionalt kunnskapssenter for barn og unge (RKBU Vest), ved Uni Research Helse. Ved Uni Research Helse har Husabø jobba som forskingsassistent og forskar III sidan hausten 2014 i forskingsgruppa RKBU Vest og ”Stress, helse og rehabilitering”. Ho er fortsatt medlem av begge gruppene. I gruppa ”Stress, helse og rehabilitering” er ho prosjektkoordinator for prosjektet ”Ny medisinsk vurdering etter 6 månaders sjukmelding”. Husabø sitt interessefelt dekker psykisk folkehelse, klinisk psykologi, sensitivisering og implementering. Husabø er særleg oppteken av forskarars samfunnsansvar som kunnskapsformidlarar. Ho har blant anna vore tilsett som intern/læresvein hos eit av Noregs største kommunikasjonsbyrå, og ynskjer å bidra til positiv endring i helsetenestene.

Elisabeth Husabø graduated as a clinical psychologist from the University of Bergen January 2015. Her studies also included stays at University of Oslo and University of Berkeley, California.

February 2016 she started her PhD at Helse Bergen, funded by the Western Norway Regional Health Authority. The research project has close bonds to the Regional Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (RKBU vest) and the randomized controlled study the LIST-project. RKBU Vest is a research group at Uni Research Health where Husabø is also a project coordinator in the group “Stress, health and rehabilitation”. The project is a large RCT on independent medical evaluation. Husabø has worked as a clinical psychologist in Fjell municipality, and as a researcher at Uni Research Health. She also has work experience as a social worker at acute wards in psychiatric hospitals and child care services. For over three years she has held lectures for youths about the use of social media, bullying and self-consciousness. Husabø is passionate about communication and the responsibility researchers have as publicly funded knowledge generators. She has had an internship at one of Norway’s largest communication bureaus. Her academic interests cover public mental health, campaigns aiming at improving the public health, clinical psychology, sensitization and implementation.

Jakobsen, Petter 
PhD-stipendiat og rådgiver

Johnsen, Erik 

Kahlon, Smiti 

Krogenes, Marianne 

Langeland, Marianne 

Lilleskare, Lin 

Markhus, Astrid 

Mellesdal, Liv 

Meir om Mellesdal 

Dagleg leiar av SIPEA-studien - «Suicidality in Psychiatric Emergency admissions» - som fokuserer på sjølvmordsproblematikk i samband med psykiatrisk akuttinnlegging og i tida etter utskrivning.

For tida PhD-student. Master i sjukepleievitenskap. Psykiatrisk sjukepleiar.

Klinisk erfaring 
20 år innan akuttpsykiatri, inkludert ein periode ved akuttavdeling for unge rusmisbrukarar. Har også arbeidd ved ein miljøterapeutisk avdeling i nokre år. 

Suicidologi, aggresjonsproblematikk, akuttpsykiatri, helsetenesteforskning 
Interesse for undervisning og formidling.


Myklebust, Trine 


Opstad, Håvard 

Ring, Anna 

Solem, Stian 

Stabell, Lena 

Strømme, Maria F. 

Syrstad, Vigdis G. 

Thomassen, Anne S. S. 

Thorsen, Anders 

Tjelle, Kristian 

Vårdal, Lisa 

Öst, Lars Göran 


Aaberg, Linn Marie Elise  

Fathian, Farivar 
PhD-stipendiat og overlege

Meir om Fathian

  • PhD student 50% since 01.09.2014
  • Specialty in Psychiatry 2010, Norway
  • Specialty in Family Medicine 2007, Norway
  • Certified as valid as Norwegian MD 1997
  • M.D. Tehran University of Medical Sciences 1991

Work Experiences

  • 5.2013- time being Senior Consultant Psychiatrist at NKS Olaviken Hospital for Old Age Psychiatry, Bergen, Norway
  • 11.2010- 04.2013 Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, Haukeland University Hospital, Sandviken, Bergen, Norway
  • 06.-10.2010 Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, Betanien DPS
  • 01.2006-05.2010 Resident Betanien DPS and Haukeland University Hospital, Sandviken

Research interests

Inflammation and association with cognitive function in patients with psychosis Publications Submitted Johnsen E, Fathian F, Gjestad R, Jørgensen HA, Kroken RA, Løberg EM. The serum level of C-reactive protein (CRP) is associated with cognitive performance in acute phase psychosis EJ and FF contributed equally to the study. 

Kjelby, Eirik 
PhD-stipendiat og overlege

Meir om Kjelby

Lege 2003, Universitetet i Bergen Spesialist i psykiatri 2011, Haukeland universitetssjukehus PhD-student 50 % sidan 2012 Forskingsområde Depresjon, sjølvmordsrisiko og klinisk farmakologi innan schizofrenispektrum-lidinger.

  • September 2012 – jobbar framleis (50 %): PhD-stipendiat i Bergen Psykoseprosjekt 2 (BeSt InTro Study).
  • September 2011 – jobbar framleis (50 %): Overlege, Seksjon for alderspsykiatri, Divisjon psykisk helsevern, Haukeland universitetssjukehus.
  • August 2005 til september 2011: Lege i spesialisering i Divisjon psykisk helsevern, Haukeland universitetssjukehus (Avd. for psykose, Psykiatrisk akuttmottak, Avd. for stemningslidinger, Askviknes Vaksenpsykiatriske senter – rehabiliteringsavd., Seksjon for alderspsykiatri, Seksjon for konsultasjonspsykiatri, Bergenhus allmennpsykiatriske poliklinikk og Forskningsavdelinga.
  • Februar 2004 til august 2005: Turnuslege ved avdeling for indremedisin, kirurgi og ortopedi og i allmennpraksis Førde og Gaular kommuner. Publikasjonar Publikasjonsoversikt fra Cristin --- Education MD 2003, University of Bergen Specialist in Psychiatry 2011, Haukeland University Hospital Ph.D.-studies: Ongoing since 2012 (50 %) Research Areas Depression, suicide-risk and clinical pharmacology in schizophrenia spectrum disorders. Positions
  • September 2012 – still employed (50 %): PhD-scholarship at the Bergen Psychosis Project 2 (BeSt InTro Study).
  • September 2011 – still employed (50 %): Senior consultant, Department of Old Age Psychiatry, Division of Psychiatry, Haukeland university hospital.
  • August 2005 – September 2011: Residential doctor at the Division of Psychiatry, Haukeland University Hospital, Norway (Department of Psychosis, Acute psychiatric ward, Department of Affective disorders, Askviknes department of Rehabilitative psychiatry, Department of Old Age psychiatry, Department of Consultation-liaison-psychiatry, Bergenhus General Out-patient-clinic and Department of Research).
  • February 2004 - August 2005: Intern at ward for internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics and as general practitioner Førde and Gaular municipalities, Norway.
  • Scientific Production Publications retrieved from Cristin

Sinkeviciute, Igne 

PhD-stipendiat og overlege

Ødegaard, Christine H. 

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