Den føste oppdateringen på elastografi fra EFSUMB siden den kom ut i 2013. Her med fokus på diffuse leversykdommer.

En oppdatering av EFSUMB Gudidelines & Recommendations på klinisk bruk av elastografi


We present here the first update of the 2013 EFSUMB (European
Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and
Biology) Guidelines and Recommendations on the clinical use
of elastography, focused on the assessment of diffuse liver disease.
The first part (long version) of these Guidelines and Recommendations
deals with the basic principles of elastography
and provides an update of how the technology has
changed. The practical advantages and disadvantages associated
with each of the techniques are described, and guidance
is provided regarding optimization of scanning technique,
image display, image interpretation, reporting of data
and some of the known image artefacts. The second part provides
clinical information about the practical use of elastography
equipment and the interpretation of results in the assessment
of diffuse liver disease and analyzes the main findings
based on published studies, stressing the evidence from
meta-analyses. The role of elastography in different etiologies
of liver disease and in several clinical scenarios is also discussed.
All of the recommendations are judged with regard to
their evidence-based strength according to the Oxford Centre
for Evidence-Based Medicine Levels of Evidence. This updated
document is intended to act as a reference and to provide a
practical guide for both beginners and advanced clinical

Les hele artikkelen her (pdf)