BSCC 3. årlege møte

Konferanse, 04.09.2017-05.09.2017

Det tredje årlege møte for Bergen Stem Cell Consortium blir arrangert i Bergen i september 2017.



Priser for overnatting: enkeltrom NOK 790,- per natt, dobbeltrom 990,-. Konferanseavgift for 2 dager NOK 950,- per peson (inneholder lunsj)

Preliminært program:

Day 1, September 4th, 11.00 – 17.30

11.00-12.30 Registration

11.30-12.30 Lunch

12.30-12.35 Welcome by Tor Hervig

   Clinical research

12.35-13.15 Pedro Herrera – TBA

13.15-14.00 Nick Hannan - Generation of lung organoids from human induced pluripotent stem cells

14.00-14.45 Coffee Break and Posters


14.45-15.30 Susanna Miettinen – TBA

15.30-16.00 Pierre Layrolle – Biomaterials

16.00-16.15 Coffee break


16.15-17.00 Hubert Schrezenmeier – Platelets, growth factors, cell production

17.00-17.30 BSCC group 1 Siddharth Shanbag – Platelets and growth factors

19.00-19.30    Aperitif

19.30               Dinner


Day 2, September 5th, 08.30-16.00

   GMP and translational research

08.30-08.45 Einar Kristoffersen – Update about the EVF at Haukeland

08.45-09.30 Joel Glover – Translational research

09.30-10.15 Michele Cottler-Fox – TBA

10.15-10.30 Coffee break

   Industry talks

10.30-11.15 Jan Hansmann, TERM – TBA

11.15-11.35 Industry talk 1 (Nerliens Meszansky)

11.35-11.55 Industry talk 2 (BioSpherix)

12.00-13.00 Lunch

13.00-13.45 Rosaria Giordano - Challenges of running a GMP facility for regenerative medicine in a public hospital

13.45-14.15 BSCC group 2 Laurence Bindoff – TBA

14.15-14.45 Coffee break and Posters

14.45-15.30 Swedish group on cell therapy

15.30-16.00 BSCC group 3 Karl-Henning Kalland – TBA

16.00 Goodbye

Reisestipend til stipendiater og post docs med poster

Bergen Stem Cell Consortium is a research initiative that is intended to function as a catalyst for stem cell research in Western Norway, led by and located in the Helse Bergen health trust. The initiative is a collaborative between six local research groups that work in the field of stem cell research and share the goal of generating basic scientific knowledge about the use of stem cells and introducing personalised stem cell-based treatment.

Scholarship for PhD students and postdocs

We aim to increase contact between young stem cell researchers nationwide and we therefore invite PhD students and postdoctoral fellows from research groups in Norway to present their projects as posters during the meeting. The program-committee will select 6 presenters from all applications who will be awarded a travel-grant to attend the meeting.

The presenters will have their full registration fees covered and travel expenses will be paid up to NOK 2,000. For further information, contact project leader Tor Hervig ( Applications (maximum 1 page with title and abstract of poster and a short CV of 1 page) should be mailed to the same address before 7th of August. Please indicate when registering for the meeting (top of page) that you wish to participate with a poster-presentation.

Når og kor

Zander K Hotel, Bergen city center.
Bergen Stem Cell Consortium; BSCC