Bergen Obesity Day 25th of May 2023

Save the date 25th of May 2023

Preliminary program:

Preoperative assessment and postoperative follow-up.

Chair: John Roger Andersen, Førde

09.50: Welcome. Villy Våge

10.00: Preoperative evaluation and preparation: What is the evidence? Torsten Olbers, Malmø

10.30: Preoperative psychological evaluation: Is it worthwhile? Jane Ogden, Surrey.

11.00: New guidelines for bariatric/metabolic surgery from IFSO/ASMBS. Jon Kristinsson, Oslo.

11.30: Pre- and postoperative use of weight-loss medications. Carel le Roux, Dublin.

12.00: Lunch

13.00: Postoperative support: Experiences from Norway. Jorunn Sandvik, Ålesund.

13.30: Bariatric surgery in the future. Discussion.

13.45: Break

Session 2: Bariatric surgery and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD)

Chair: Tba

14.00: GORD after bariatric surgery: An update from SOReg-S and the literature. Johan Ottoson, Ørebro and Jonas Nedkvitne, Bergen/Voss.

14.30: Anatomy of the LOS and an update on the Sleeve-pex study. Villy Våge, Bergen.

15.00: Sleeve with Toupet. Bent Johnny Nergård, Oslo.

15.30: Sleeve with Nissen. David Nocca, Montpellier.

16.00: How to reduce GORD after bariatric surgery? Discussion.

16.15: Break with sandwiches.

16.45: Surgical techniques for GORD after bariatric surgery: Villy Våge, Bergen.

17.00: Cytosponge as a screening tool for Barret’s oesophagus. Stephen Attwood, Durham.

17.30: Gastrointestinal cancer after bariatric surgery: What do we know? Tom Mala, Oslo

18.00 Finish

Påmelding vert gjort tilgjengeleg primo januar 2023.

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